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Our 360Fashion STYLE DIARY this week would feature  FUNFERE KENIYE KOROYE, a graduate student of Domus Academy in Milan. An avid lover for fine art, fashion and the process of creating objects.  He has been featured on over 20 websites and numerous magazines.  He is also the founder of  FusionKelvar which primarily focuses on editorials, product design, product photography, street style and lifestyle. Stay Inspired.

Funfere’s 360Fashion Style Diary: Day 5.  (Check out  Day 4 of Funfere’s 360Fashion Style Diary here).

Today, I will be analyzing a knitted sweater, Coloured socks, Coloured bow tie, Corduroy, Brogues and White jeans.
The Aran jumper is a style of jumper/sweater that takes its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. It is sometimes known as a fisherman’s jumper. A classical fisherman’s jumper is a bulky garment with prominent cable patterns on the chest, often cream-coloured.

The Jumpers are distinguished by their use of complex textured stitch patterns, several of which are combined in the creation of a single garment. The word choice of “Jumper” or “Sweater” is largely determined by the regional version of English being spoken. In the case of Ireland and Britain, “Jumper” is the standard word with “Sweater” mainly found in tourist shops.

Funfere in his Aran Jumper, Brown Cordroy Shirt topped off with a Yellow Spot print bow tie and his silicon digital wrist watch.

White jeans are always tough to wear, they get dirty very easily so many working men don’t like to have a pair. I have embraced the chaos and rolled them up with yellow socks and some dapper shoes. I matched the socks and bowtie but still added a colorful knitwear to the equation.
I usually don’t wear watches but I got a decent silicon band digital one last year.  The rolex is out and the sporty look is in, you don’t want to waste money on something that just tells the time. 
Colour on dress shoes has now been redesigned to just the sole of the shoes, brands like Mark Macnairy and Lacoste have pioneered very affordable pairs.


Check out Day 4 of Funfere’s 360Fashion Style Diary here
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