Ambition or Greed

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Ambition is beautiful. Greed is ugly. Ambition is positive. Greed is negative. The dividing line between ambition and greed is so thin that none of us knows when he crosses from ambition- a positive, healthy attribute to greed-an ugly detestable attribution.

It is not enough to be rich. The rich must move up the corporate ladder of the haves to become wealthy. Of course, he moves up one again to become strikingly rich. It is good to be a millionaire but which millionaire wants to stop there? He goes on to become a multi-millionaire, after this, he strives to move to the next level- the billionaire club.

However you may look at it, the desire to acquire more, to be one step ahead of others is not often the healthy desire to acquire a certain degree of personal satisfaction.

For man, nothing is even enough. Power, more power. Money, more money. One car, two cars. One house, two houses. Is it ambition that drives us? No and Yes, depending on the angle you look at it from.

Do not get it twisted Albert confused. Everyone born of a woman must have an ambition if they must go on in life and must win some of life’s battle. Take a look at it, where does ambition begin and where does it end? And where does greed comes in?

It is right and proper to be ambitious, to want to be a success. Our trouble really is a simple but complex one. No one or woman, for that matter, knows when to stop.

Perhaps, each of us must define what is enough in our own terms and the degree which we measures our own achievements. It does seems, however that greed is the fountain head of almost man’s entire problem. The man with power wants more, just as the man with money wants more.

It may be easy to explain why the thief steals, but how do you explain why a man entrusted with responsibilities of looking after the safety of public property gets caught with his hand in the public vault? We laugh each time this happens and the powerful is humbled before the laws of the land.

As have written in one of the above paragraphs, we must define what is enough for us and we must not go beyond our sets target.



———-Written By Michael Abimboye [@mmakesense ]



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