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“U sound like u don’t believe in marriage anymore, if u ever did before. And I mean marriage not wedding.”

A dear friend sent me this after reading last week’s post and it got me wondering how much further from the truth opinion can get.

I believed in marriage; I almost got married myself. I believe in marriage still.

Over the weekend, I was visiting friends and, as is the norm when we meet up and have shared a few drinks, we talked about different things, tongues loosening the more alcohol was consumed. Eventually, the talk came round to relationships.

“I remember the first day I met you,” one said. “What led up to the first kiss.

I remember perfectly certain things, and others not even the faintest glimmer. We were at your brother’s and he had left us home alone. I remember we put in something to watch and the room was getting cold from the air conditioner turned so low. We went under the duvet and you folded your feet over mine, ostensibly to ward off the cold, but then, you started a back and forth tease. I didn’t mind one bit.

You got up and left the room for a bit. I lay there wanting you to kiss me so bad, I decided to strike an ‘innocent sexy’ pose so when you got back in and saw me, you would feel like kissing me straight away.  I’ve tried it many times since then and somehow it’s never worked.  Not once.

“You returned and came back under the covers and the game of footsie continued, and then finally (after what seemed like an eternity) you turned to face me and kissed me. I hadn’t ever gotten butterflies like that ever before; it was almost painful, but it was sweet as hell. And then you did more than kiss me…”

“You kissed me back first,” the other cut in. “The kiss back emboldened me…” .

“Kiss back?” She fired. “Didn’t you just hear me say it took you an eternity to kiss me in the first place?” She asked. “You are lucky I didn’t rip out your tongue…”

“I love the way you kiss me.” He said softly, “You alone have ever kissed me so. Sometimes it seems we learned to kiss together so that you are the only one who knows how to really kiss me…” His words trailed off at the end.

“I love the way you do too. It always starts off slow, then it seems like we’re trying to devour each other. We kiss deeply and forcefully and I didn’t know one could kiss so long and not get bored…”

“Ahem,” I cleared my throat, reminding them there were three of us there.

“Then there’s the back stairs kisses complete with weak knees and all…” He said again, dreamy-eyed and soft voiced.

“Oi, stop fast forwarding! I’m the one remembering.” She snapped.

“Anyway back to that night that changed everything.

“The room was dark apart from the TV light, and cold besides your body heat which was intoxicating, your hands found their way to my breasts – and we both know how sensitive they are.” At this point, I made gagging sounds with both my hands wrapped around my neck. She completely ignored me and carried on.

“So we were making out and I had lost all sense of time, then we took a much-needed break for things to simmer down (for me to catch my breath really) and then I ask if you had a girlfriend, bloody late, come to think of it,” she chuckled, “And you said you did. A question which was supposed to have been a formality, but well you did have a girlfriend at the time”.

I remember nothing else till your brother came home and was walking me out and I told him I liked you. His reaction was not much of a surprise. “Ahn ahn! Now now now? I’ve been here since you didn’t look at me but this dude comes and in this short time you are claiming likeness. Babe ahn ahn!” He literally got whiplash from how fast I had decided I liked you.

“I think we ended up talking a whole lot that night, you and me. I do remember your voice giving me butterflies all night long. Sweetest little critters.” She said, and it was her turn for her eyes to go dim and smokey.

“Fast forward now to when you left back to Lagos. I tried to stop liking you, you know? The whole girlfriend thing threw me and I had never been the other woman before. Yet, against reason, I stayed. I could not wait  for you to get back, but didn’t want to call on your birthday either because I didn’t want to hear you go platonic on me because she was there.

“I don’t remember if eventually I did call, but I heard from your cousin that she had been there. I kinda got heartbroken but told myself the other woman isn’t entitled to shit anyway. I didn’t ‎​see you for so long, I forgot what you looked like but other things weren’t so easy to forget:
Your voice.
Your touch.
Your taste.
Your feel.
Your girlfriend.”

“And to think we had broken up before then. We broke up a week before my birthday, but I wasn’t going tell you lest you blamed yourself…” He said.

“You asked me to be your girlfriend and all my fears came rushing in. Would he walk past me and not know who I am? Will he think, aww crap I made a mistake? Will he be awkward with me, seeing as we had only seen once before? Will he still want to kiss me? Will he think I look good or smell good or taste good?

I analysed and analysed every single fear with the result that, I was more tense when I got to your brother’s place. You came down to get me and we went up the back stairs. I was wearing high heels and I just kept thinking “I’m sure I’m going to fall, I’m sooo afraid and tense, I’m sure I’m going to fall. Who told me to wear these heels?”

“I had worn a top that I hoped showed my figure. I wanted you to be attracted didn’t I?” She said looking pointedly at him.

“I had pulled it down as far as it would go so a little of my bosom could show, but it kept riding back up and I was too afraid of being obvious I could not pull it back down. Plus, I’ve never really had a cleavage or an impressive rack so I don’t know why I bothered.”

At this, my eyes travelled over the front of the high-necked frilly blouse she was wearing. I gave a nervous cough when I realised they were both looking at me.

“You stopped me going up the stairs and, like in my fantasy, you pulled me back, turned me around and kissed me. And oh boy, what a kiss! I lost control of my legs and almost did fall, damned traitors my knees are. Then I fell, and what a fall…

“So many years after, and the shock waves are still felt.” By this time, they had eyes only for each other. Again, I gave a small cough to break the static that was already beginning to sizzle and crackle in the room.

I had heard this story so many times, I was familiar with most of it, but I had always heard it told by the man. It was quite refreshing hearing the woman tell her side of things. It is amazing how both half of their story fit almost perfectly. Everything accounted for, but even that isn’t amazing enough. What is really amazing is that six years after the events described, they still feel for each other as they did all those years ago. Small wonder he had asked her to marry him and she had said yes; I had been the Best man at their wedding five years ago. Simultaneously, they reached out and locked fingers, both hands resting on her thigh.

Here was a couple who knew why they got married: for the love of each other, and for that other something even they could not place a finger to. Sitting there sipping on my drink and watching them, there was no way I could not believe in marriage. If the example set by my parents was not enough, here were two people in my generation making a believer of me.

I wish them many more happy years together, each the keeper of the other’s heart.

As for myself, I believe in marriage. More than that, I believe that love is out there for as many people who seek it.



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  1. Abegi,you believe in marriage but not well enough to believe in it for yourself. I love the couple you just described-ideal.

  2. Wow. Weldone Franque!!! This piece was very captivating mehn…. Awesome. Well pieced!! (Y) really should go out and seek love sha. And find it. And keep it. :*

  3. #snif snif# U had me crying there for a moment Fraque. Love can only b perfect wen d loved one loves u back.If sm1 truly luvs u,den dey shuldnt mk u feel lyk u constantly hv to fight 4 deir attention#fact#;)dat is so not love.

  4. awwww. This is so beautifull. And you av redeemed yourself after last post of almost anti marriage. U sure need friends like ds to remind you of what love is. Now back to you,what are we gonna do bout u?

  5. Awwww… Cute couple… Amazing how after all this time, they still remember the tiny details…
    Franque, one day, when u meet the one, you’ll understand y it never felt that way with anyone else…
    Infact, u might wanna consider attending that MFM prog, lol!

  6. Bless you have done well.Love,Marriage…Life is fun when you share it someone who wants to share it with you,not because they have stuff to gain,but because they are going to have you with them.iPray you find such a person soon.

  7. bubbly syrupy feelin flowin down my chest.ds is y i want 2 get married.d friendship.d incredible sex.d companionship.

  8. Hey family! Hope y’all are havin a fab day. Me, iHav been flyin up n down the West Coast of Africa all mornin. Done tho n back home.
    @ Skylarker: Thank you. if u feel a pressin need to let loose, feel free to charge the kleenex to my account;
    @ MaBijo: U keep sayin so. iAm sure in ur world, u have the truth of it;
    @ nena: Yes ma! Glad the post worked for you;
    @ Efeya Goodness: Said lyk a true believer and convert. Sha don’t charge ur hankie to my acct;
    @ ‘Roj: U do know u r the reason iKeep writin, right? U and everybody who reads and bothers enough to share their thoughts here. Bless u;
    @ Uk: that there is a question iAsk myself everyday. Will let u know when iFind an answer;
    @ Kay: See me here nau;
    @ nengie: When iDo meet that someone, iHope iEven pay her attention at the first meet sef. As for MFM, *rme*;
    @ gB: amen. Bless u too o. Sometyms iFear iMay have found this kinda thing n played with it. Or else, it may actually just be ryt in front of me;
    @ Jigga: wetin ur mind tell u? As for ur ‘Gbam’, #GBAM!
    @ Deoye: bless ur heart. Thanchu!
    @ Tokunbo: thank u for readin, and for ur comments too.
    @ Everyone_else: So next Friday is when iFeature a guest writer here. This next guest has been given some kinda small build up from the start of the month, it’s for a reason o. Not only is he the youngest writer iKnow, he is also my son. My bet is the ladies won’t wanna miss next week Friday’s post as it is from none other than M.O.N.C

  9. It’s not fair na! Ahn-ahn! *fighting tears while sniffing thanks to this yeye cold* Aww…I love when a couple is still in love despite the responsibilities of marriage…Really good read, Franque. *scrolls back up to read it again*

  10. Now this is what it’s all about. I hope many cynics and folks who have given up on love get/got to read this. Beautifully written coz and I think those that know you well know you DEFINITELY believe in marriage.

  11. This is the story of my relationship almost – except the marriage part. Particularly, the first kiss while he still had a girlfriend…but today, we are madly and hopelessly in love with each other.

  12. @ qhaycee: May iAdvice that u make it happen soon then. Sometimes, when a lotta tym passes, another someone may come along to make u question this one;
    @ t: iAm happy for u, iReally am.

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