Of Fela and Idols…

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Jesse Jags performed a song no one knew but most of us enjoyed, Black Magic looked a little lost on stage and it seems I’ve sort of been subtly predicting who will leave the show week after week.

Yes, Nigerian Idol continued this weekend with Najite sadly having to leave the competition. Najite really is a fab singer and with the right team, she’d have a good long career.

But back to the three still standing!

‘Nigerian Legends’ was the theme. Err… Didn’t we do that already?  But, It did give organisers the opportunity to bring Femi Kuti on as a guest judge, and have contestants perform songs by Fela. I felt sorry for Femi though. I don’t know how I’d feel having to sit through watching people perform my dad’s songs.Once I heard ‘Fela’ I thought, “This could be painful to watch” and It was. In parts.

Thankfully, the first round saw songs by Flavour, Rex Lawson and Sir Victor Uwaifo.

Mercy handled ‘Joromi’ nicely, Stephen sang ‘Adanma’ and Joe Blue gave a muted theatrical rendition of ‘Adure’.

Femi Kuti kept saying he had to be honest but still gave good comments overall. There is a reason this was the top three afterall!

Then the fingers-crossed part of the show- the three of them performing ‘Water no get enemy’. It could have been worse. I overall didn’t mind, I just didn’t understand why they kept moving like branches in the wind. Their ode to Fela’s famous dance I guess.

Err. No. You don’t have to look, dress and dance like Fela just to perform a Fela song. That’s why it’s a cover.

And that’s where Stephen erred with ‘I no be gentleman’. Joe Blue stayed safe by having his choreographers dramatise his rendition of ‘Palava’ but the best cover of Fela I have seen, by a contestant on a reality show was Mercy’s rendition of ‘Zombie’.
No. She killed it. (Where ‘killed’ means ‘aced’).

Altogether not a shabby night at all!



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