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The question on my mind is ‘after roadblocks what next’? As much as the removal of roadblocks and the so called checkpoints from the Nigerian roads is such a welcome decision and action, are they what we need now? Granted, these same roadblocks are the major cause of accidents, armed robbery and bribery in Nigeria; take the Lagos-Ibadan expressway at the Magodo axis which is a usual spot for accidents thanks to the road blocks. Then again, is our safety on these roads assured?

Hopefully, with the removal of roadblocks and checkpoints, the appropriate  safeguards will be put into effect; like 24hrs surveillance on all Roads and Policemen deployed to do more serious work on the road (not how to figure out a ruse or plan to get innocent Nigerians to give them their road “entitlements”.)

Some people are of the view that the ban on commercial motorcycles also known as okadas on some roads was maliciously done because of the removal of roadblocks and checkpoints. However a closer look reveals that it is a welcome idea; several robberies have being reported on the roads supposedly by certain hoodlums on ‘Okada’. Bola, a Doctor, was robbed at gunpoint by some guys on a motorcycle after she used the ATM off Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos. A banker was shot in the neck recently just because she refused to give two guys on an Okada her handbag.

It all goes to show that of all the major problems in our country, the issue of security is still our greatest problem. Due to the rise in the cost of living, low rate of literacy, very high rates of unemployment and the decline of internet scams which aren’t as lucrative as they used to be, we find more people resorting to crime as an alternative thereby harming innocent people in the process.

Still, our lawmakers and leaders refuse to look at the bigger picture and find aid to the alleviating problems; while staring at what seems to be the greater good; all they see is the money and the Big Ghana Must go bags in this picture.

I am not a facebook or twitter advocate looking to make a name for myself in politics neither am I an activist. I, however,  am in support of the removal of roadblocks and checkpoints on our roads and I strongly suggest that certain incentives be put together to ensure more security and safety of lives and property because as Drake said, ‘YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE’. You can’t after a hard day’s work go for drinks or after a stressful week decide to go out clubbing with the guys or the girls and on your way home you are robbed of your valuables and in the process your life too.

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