Two for the Idol Race…

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And the show is almost over. It’s got to a point where I hear the Nigerian Idol theme song in my head these days!

A winner still needs to be crowned before I say my dramatic good bye so let’s talk about last night’s show shall we?
Banky W performed, Ikechukwu performed, Audu was a guest judge, Tiwa looked dazzling again….

It was a night for the top 2 though!
Sadly, it seemed it was all about Mercy as Joe Blue, as far as I’m concerned, practically handed her the crown

They performed three songs each and Joe Blue picked Whitney Houston’s “One moment in time” as his first song. Dude! Sources tell me he lost his voice so I think he should have chosen something easier.
Mercy also performed a Whitney Houston song; this time around, “I look to you”. Not my favourite arrangement but her voice held up!

Next up, they performed songs chosen by the Musical Director. Understandably, ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse was picked for Joe Blue. It did get him a standing ovation when he first performed it afterall.
But! He went right ahead to give the SAME performance.
‘One thing’ by Amerie was picked for Mercy and smart girl; she decided to mix it up with Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”.
Not bad at all.

The third songs were their favourite Nigerian songs.

Joe Blue picked ‘Ifeoma’ and we finally caught a glimpse of the Joe Blue we’d kept in all show long. Mercy performed ‘Chop my money’. Once again, not bad at all. Especially as she had that bike to sit on. Woot Woot!

It might be close but for my money, I’d say the next Nigerian Idol will be a girl.



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