Lights, Camera, Africa!!! 2012 Film Festival – ‘Shine Your Eye’ (28/09/2012 – 01/10/2012)

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The Life House, Lagos through its Film programme and in partnership with The African Film Festival, Inc (AFF) are proud to host the 2nd Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival in September 2012.

Our inaugural festival in 2011 brought to Nigeria some of the most exciting and original pieces of African cinema from within the continent and the Diaspora that explored independence through an African lens.

This year, Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival 2012 is scheduled to hold over the Independence Day holidays from Friday, 28 September to Monday, 1 October with the theme, ‘Shine your Eye’.

Against a background of political movements, seismic and even incremental shifts across the African continent in the past year, we have witnessed a spreading spirit of community mobilisation, with the growth of ‘Occupy’ movements each one emboldening the ones that come after it. This growing sense of urgency has fuelled the courage of ordinary citizens to actively participate in the change that proves to be inevitable. Shine Your Eye – a Nigerian pidgin English phrase means to encourage awareness – embodies the resolve of the active citizen asking questions, seeking answers and possessing their space.

This year, LCA!!! 2012 once again brings you the very best of the brightest ideas in African cinema and includes a special prize for Festival Favourite.

We are also pleased to showcase the work of local filmmakers in Nigeria who responded to a call for entries to the Festival.

For almost twenty years, AFF has bridged the divide between post-colonial Africa and the American public through the medium of film. AFF’s unique place in the international arts community is distinguished not only by leadership in festival management but a comprehensive approach to the advocacy of African film and culture.

The Life House, through its film programme curated by our resident Reel Life Film Club aims to support the work of the AFF in ensuring that stories by African filmmakers are also enjoyed by an African audience.  These audiences don’t often have the opportunity to view quality African films that portray their lives in multi-dimensional ways.

The Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival aims to stimulate discourse on issues and experiences that are rooted in the African experience. In this way, African stories will also be consumed by those who live them.

About The Life House and its Film Programme
The Life House is an arts, culture, wellbeing and lifestyle centre based in Lagos, Nigeria whose objective is to provide a nurturing environment for creative expression. The Life House acts as  a catalyst for cultural expression and education through entertainment and exchange in Nigeria through the production of  events and programmes.

Since December 2009, The Life House has been at the vanguard  of promoting a cultural renaissance in Nigeria by curating art, film, mixed media, music and theatre exhibitions. We work with and support a diverse group of musicians, writers, performing artists, photographers and academics.

The Film programme at the Life House is anchored in the operations of its resident Reel Life Film Club which has curated the weekly screening of World, Classic and Independent Films (screened over 60 films weekly to a Lagos audience at no cost) from all across the African Continent and Global South since 2010 to a Lagos audience. These weekly screenings are often followed by discussions on the appreciation of the films and sometimes attended by filmmakers who are invited to share insights on their subjects, techniques and related issues.

While The Life House weekly screenings cover a wide range of issues, a significant focus has been on sharing work by filmmakers from the Global South. The purpose of this is to foster a discussion of issues that are a reflection of our communities and engage our lived experiences. Since its inception, The Life House has reached about 600 individuals within Lagos State through its film programme.

Over a period of 2 years, The Life House Film Programme has established institutional partnerships with iREP International Documentary Film Festival in Nigeria, the Alliance Francaise and the Africa Film Festival New York. Reel Life Film Club at The Life House has also established itself as a source of alternative film content to mainstream Nollywood and Hollywood movies for the film consumer in Lagos.

About The African Film Festival

African Film Festival, Inc promotes knowledge and understanding of African culture through the moving image.  In addition, AFF works to expand opportunities for the distribution of African films in the United States and abroad.

In October 2011, to deepen its film programme, The Life House partnered with the Africa Film Festival, NY to host the first ever Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival – an annual film feast showcasing diverse African cinema. The festival was unprecedented in the quality and diversity of independent Africa cinema screened in Lagos. This successful partnership is intended to grow into an annual festival to be screened in multiple locations all over the city of Lagos and eventually, Nigeria

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