Scam Of The Year: K-Solo & Wife Say Feud Was A Joke

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Some while back, music producer/singer K-Solo and his wife allegedly got into a big fight, with the news saying the artist threw a washing machine at her. But in an interview with Channel News, K-Solo & his wife Kikelomo have said that “nothing really happened” and that they “were just having fun”.

They said it was fun and they want did it just to know who their true friends actually were. They both offered apolgized to people, and Kikelomo also apologized specially to her mother- and sister-inlaw, who obviously were not in on the “prank”‘ and were distraught when she stormed their house with policemen.

They offered no explanation on the bruises Kikelomo sustained, and said they were going to release a movie titled “Lobatan” explaining the prank.

Suprisingly though, Kikelomo came out to tweet on Monday saying, “whoeva says i was actin film said it to deceive…. Sorry am not in actress. I cudnt av acted such a film”

Only God knows the truth behind the whole thing, but If Kikelomo should come out again saying K-Solo beat her, she should rest assured in the fact that Nigerians will ignore her.



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