@Ebuka’s Shrine: The 10 Hottest Athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games

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10 Hottest Olympic Athletes

Nigerian girls have been watching the London 2012 Olympics just to see fine ajebutter boys in the Nigerian basketball team. It’s almost annoying because while we’re screaming and hoping that they can somehow step on Lebron’s face and make a basket, girls keep asking; “Ooh, who’s the cutie wearing number 4?” But when I remembered how much some mystery lady wearing red lipstick at the opening ceremony caught my eye, I stopped blaming them. I still don’t know who she is and what sport she competes in. but I intend to find out before these games end.

Anyway, in the spirit of objectifying athletes instead of watching them compete, I decided to do my TOP 10 HOTTEST FEMALE ATHLETES OF LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS. It was half inspired by the way dudes went on about US female football goalkeeper Hope Solo a few days ago. Trust me, a lot of hard work and research went into this so don’t even think I’m playing around. Enjoy…

1. Esther Obiekwe: Marathon NIGERIA

Don’t even argue. We haven’t won a gold medal at the games yet and this one is at my discretion so we must carry first here. She’s a marathoner and a Diamond Bank staff. Now tell me what’s better than a girl with cash that can last the distance…

2. Leryn Franco: Javelin PARAGUAY

No words. All I can say is that it’s no irony that she’s this hot and can also handle a stick pretty well. I googled ‘Paraguayan Embassy in Lagos’ as soon as I saw her.

3. Melanie Adams: Pole Vault AUSTRALIA


So much for blondes being dumb. This one is a bombshell and a half. And she handles a long stick very well. Like an online quote said to her; ‘You can vault onto my pole anytime Melanie.”

4. Sara Galimberti: 800m and 1500m ITALY

It’s hard to look at her and say anything nasty or dirty. A beauty queen with the most innocent pretty face ever. How can Italian men have this and still look at Bini babes?

5. Hope Solo: Football USA

Super talented goalkeeper for the US national team. There’s nothing better than a girl who curses (you should see her tweets) and knows how to handle balls very well.

6. Ana Ivanovic: Tennis SERBIA


She’s a former world number one and isn’t just a pretty face, with about $10m in prize monies won over time. (insert balls handling joke here too)

7. Ana Vukicevic; Hurdler NORWAY

I don’t know why, but I’ve always seen hurdlers as super heroes who can jump over anything to save me. Better still if it’s a Nordic hottie. Take me!

8. Nicole Reinhardt: Kayak GERMANY

Am I the only one who doesn’t think ‘pretty’ when he hears ‘Germany’? This one definitely surprised me. And she’s always wet too (from canoeing). two German myths dispelled.

9. Lolo Jones: 110m Hurdles: USA

There’s a reason her first name is Lolo. She’ll obviously fit in when guys collect Chieftancy title. Chief and Lolo forever and ever.


I saw her at the opening ceremony and still don’t know



Evolving! It's a process...


  1. Ebuka, as always, your writing and sense of humor are awesome. However, your taste is questionable! With the exception of 3 or 4 chicks on this list, I’m like hunh? Cause most of the chicks are butterface (nice body ‘but her face’–get it?), and that’s including Lolo Jones, the Naij babe, and Ana Ivanovic. Also, you’re evidently not an ass guy. (Boo to you! Ass is awesome..it gives life sef.
    P.S…your Dominican crush? Much ado about nothing 🙂

  2. @ theRealadonye, you are correct Esther Obiekwe did not qualify and never went to represent nigeria on that premise. She was to be an amatuer athlete and was registered as such. It did not work out and she had an injury. She did not run. As an international marathoner, who had qualified for Boston Marathon, She spoored herself to represent us wit

  3. Y’all making noise about whether Esther qualified or not should shush and be patriotic for once in your lives. The fact is she qualified for a marathon, self-sponsored or whatever….pls answer, what have you accomplished with your own life that your talkn of someone else and tryna make them and their efforts look bad. Smh

  4. Esther might have run a marathon but she never qualified for the olympics as she is only an amateur. She has run some nice times but she is not an elite by any means. She did not even make a standard time that is why is did not run.

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