“Heidi Klum has no class” – Seal

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Following the revelation that ex-wife Heidi Klum was now in a relationship with her bodyguard, Seal has said that the super-model has no class and is surprised that she’s dating “the help”.

Seal, who’s currently on tour, says while he expected Heidi Klum to move on, he didn’t expect it to be with her bodyguard. He said he wanted her to be happy, as her emotional well-being was critical to the development of their two children was dependent on that.

Seal said he would have preferred if it was someone familiar she was dating, and was disappointed at her lack of class. “I would have thought Heidi would have showed a bit more class”, Seal said.

“She could at least have waited until we separated before fornicating with the help, as it were”.

Well, that’s gotta hurt.



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