Coco’s Chronicles: When The Girls Get Naughty

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Yes I know, I have been gone for so long, but I’m back. I am now. Really!

I missed y’all  …very much. It is a good feeling to actually write and get responses and comments about the articles. I’ll be discussing the naughtiest things my girls and I have ever done.

So, straight to the point, let’s discuss Enitan’s.

A lot of people have seen my girl Enitan as a goody-two-shoes-do-no-wrong type of girl (more like do no sexual wrong). They expect her to be chaste (had to use that) and well be a modern day Cinderella (that’s true by the way, question for the day, do u think Cinderella ever had sex before Prince Charming? Were there other lovers; Just thinking?)

Anyway, Enitan’s got a naughty side. Here it is:

“I met this guy on a job and I wasn’t bothered about what he looked like. We were both there to work and so his physical appearance didn’t matter; besides I’m a girl who is more about the inside. He was good at what he did and I fancied that. I felt like I had more to learn from him so, I got a bit closer. When I knew him, I realised he was actually more fun than I thought. Funny, nice, caring and everything I had not even thought he was. We got really close and our friendship became established, strong and beautiful in a very short period of time. He was always there to help in every way. Deep inside me, I was hoping he would ask for more. If he didn’t have anybody else that is”

He didn’t ask for more but he had someone else. Someone else he rarely mentioned when with Enitan.

I have respect for relationships. I do. But this just seemed like an exception. Maybe he was trying to get out of the relationship? Maybe the girl was ugly and flat as a table tennis bat? Or maybe her forehead was huge enough to land a plane on. So maybe he saw me and wanted to end it and run into my arms”

Enitan got it all very wrong. She met the girlfriend one night when she came to work to see her man. Or “their” man as Enitan had secretly started imagining things with him.

She is very pretty. And she came looking like someone attending a red carpet event in hollywood, so she really – I hate to admit – looked hot. I knew I should back off at this point but my twisted mind told me, if he had this goddess and was chasing after my plain ass, it meant he truly wanted me”


You know that thing that happens, when you know you are headed down the wrong path but refuse to think because you are afraid of the truth? That’s what I think she did.

“We did go further than just talking and being best buddies. We started sharing kisses…I wasn’t the type of girl who did this and it felt good, strangely good but I knew I had to let go. I did.”

For someone who had never gone that far, it was a naughty thing to do.

Trish had her naughtiest moment when she played a truth or dare game with her friends.

We were in the club and you know the game was fun. I was dared to tell a guy to lick something off my stomach…ice cream…in front of everyone. And worse a guy I didn’t know!”

She did it anyway. Naughty things don’t kill after all.

“I looked around for a cute guy to do it. Taa! Don’t blame me. If I had to be licked in full glare of the world…sorry club, it had better be a good looking man with no bad odour doing it.”

She found her candidate and he did it with her top off (saving the twins of course) in front of everyone.

Ha ha my girls bad! Wait for the craziest one!

Giselle’s naughtiest moment was at a party.

You know what happens in parties now; from drinks, to loud music, to meeting people and stuff. It was the reason I had attended. I had just broken up again with my on and off boyfriend and I needed the space. When I arrived at the party, I got a bit bored and who did I see on the dancefloor digging it? My boyfriend! No way was I having that. If he had to dig it, he had better be me! I headed for him and pulled him to dance with me.”

Trish and “on and off” boyfriend got horny and left the party scene.

“We told each other we were going out for fresh air but that wasn’t what it was. We knew it wasn’t. When we got outside, we knew we couldn’t make out or anything especially since one of his friends had disappeared with the car keys.”

Guess what they did?

I suggested we got a room and do it. It was a hotel after all and there were plenty of rooms in there. Without thinking, we headed off like two giddy teenagers and looked for a room. Lol, yes! We started opening doors one after the other. We got lucky! One person didn’t lock the door, he just shut it. We walked in and looked around, we were alone. We didn’t bother to question the sense in that, we just opened the fridge, ate the chocolates and had the craziest akpako of our lives!”

Haha! Now this is the part where y’all say, that shi cray!

After they were done, they heard noises and ran out.

People that is what I call naughty! And before u doubt the story, I was at the party!

Ready for Reanne’s?

I didn’t go out for it to do naughty. I needed to clear my head at the time and he was a breath of fresh air! I have to admit the boy was somewhat boring, but who cared, he made me feel better than I was. I went to his office one day to see him, he got out of a meeting to come talk for a short while and don’t ask me how it happened but we were in his little toilet in seconds getting down! His boss kept calling but who cared…at least I didn’t. We got out just in time for him to enter. *whew* that has got to be the best akpako ever”

My girls bad! U wanna know mine? How about you guess? Or beg?

By the way, answer that question of the day, Do you think Cinderella was a virgin? Or did she have a boyfriend before prince charming? Ok, answer this one instead, do you think her and prince charming ever did it?




I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. Lolz… Funny but a little fictitious…. Nice 1 Ireti! 😀 And Cinderella! She was a Virgin before she met Prince Charming, I’m sure due to her house chores and victimization from her folks, she never had time for “all” that! -__-

  2. lol… Really enjoy reading Tomi’s column and thank God this was not another fiesty one targetted at we guys.. well i’m not exactly the naughty type.. but I hang with “bad” guys.. he has kitchen girlfriend, chop-girlfriend, trophee girlfriend and one day kitchen gf jammed my friend “x” making out with trophee gf.. she played along and didnt act out a scene as a “sure girl” …even stayed around for about 30 mins and my naughty friend “x” said he almost peed from shaking …

    WARNING … ladies do not come to our apartments unanounced…(i know i should expect some bullets for this).. nice one Ms Coco!! love your write ups!

  3. @The reader please go and lie down under the ladder and sip Zobo(cos im sure u cant afford coke) already. if u know its always boring, why bother reading? there are some of us who enjoy it and cant wait for it to come out. such an uncreative person! if it was easy, why not get your own blog/online column and invite us to read? olodo oshi! dull fellow jatijati{yes ke! i took it P}. Coco o jare! keep writing. dont let any ode buruku keep you from what you do well.{if this was a bad article, i for sharrap bet common Reader abi ki lo pe ara e naa! boring and unreal abi ki lo ti e so naa?) this is a good article and i really enjoyed it. mr reader, since you read well, please go and read up constructive criticism on google maybe den, next time, ud think before u type and condemn someone without giving a single suggestion as to how to make things better, atoole rede rede.

    *phew! that was a long one. vex not pple, o ka mi ni shan mi

  4. Cocofan: hi. Coco’s chronicles is on a break for now. But I’m starting something new and entirely fiction that I’m sure u’d love! Its called “That Family Reunion” 🙂

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