Crashing over: Selena Gomez spends the night in Justin Beiber’s house

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Seems Justin Beiber’s prayers  have been answered. Selena Gomez was spotted on Saturday morning stepping out of Justin Beiber’s ride after spending the night with him. She was escorted by his bodyguard. Although she looked tired, she was in good spirits.

A photographer from x17online who shot the picture above said:

    “Selena looks like a young girl in love. And obviously Justin’s trying to win her back – sending her home in his car and everything – giving her the royal treatment.”

Justin had been trying to get Selena to listen to his song and maybe she finally did. The two broke up a day before New Year’s Eve which is their second major one in their two-year relationship. Known already for their on-off relationship, it won’t come as a surprise to many if the lovebirds do reconcile. They however leave a question lingering in the hearts of many;

For how long will this be?


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