Reality Or Comedy?: Juliet Ibrahim Claims She’s “100 Times Hotter” Than Kim Kardashian

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Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has joined the legion of people airing their irritation about the appearance of Kim Kardashian at Darey’s Love Like A Movie concert, and even added more, saying she was “100 times” prettier than the reality star.

Reacting to a comment on her Instagram page after she expressed her dissatisfaction at show organizers paying for the TV reality star to make an appearance at the Darey ‘Love Like a Movie’ concert

Miss Ibrahim exploded stating:

“The fact is and will always remain I, Juliet Ibrahim is 100 times hotter, prettier than Kim k! I have every right to say so Cus I am an African woman without any surgeries and natural beauty is what I brag of. If this is offending u pls kindly walk without your faulty specs and bang your head into a wall”.



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