50 Cent Says G-Unit May Re-Unite

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In an interview with ESPN, rapper 50 Cent said that there was the possibility of a reunion of the old G-Unit.

50 Cent appeared on ESPN First Take a while ago here he spoke on the upcoming SMS Promotions fight at Foxwoods, his relationship with Floyd Mayweather, whether Floyd is ducking Pacquiao and his upcoming album Street King Immortal.

But he also did an off air interview with the website where he discusses his appearance at Daytona 500, coming out at Kendrick Lamar’s show in NYC and a possible G-Unit reunion. Surprisingly, he replied positively saying “we might do something”. Mind you, this does not include Young Buck or The Game. He also did not seem to be very happy with the new crop on his label, hinting that they’re not as hard working as he previous members.


And then you roll into New York to jump on stage and sing with Kendrick Lamar.

Hey, I’m active. I’m moving around. For me, it’s all about getting back in motion. I’m getting my feet back into what got me here: music.

How is the latest CD, “Street King Immortal,” coming along? I know you’re still working on it.

At that show with Kendrick, I performed two songs — “We Up” and “Major Distribution.” “We Up” likely will be on my next CD. I’m going to hit the tour after that. Music is the reason I’ve been able to be a part of this brand extension. I turned down some film projects to open time to hit the road. It’s like hitting the restart button.

What about a reunion of G-Unit?

The original G-Unit, maybe. We might do something. I’ll be honest with you. Some of these new artists on the label I don’t think are working as hard as they could. I don’t know how hard they want to work or how much they want it. I could see the original coming back together though.

You sound pretty content these days.

I’m a lot happier these days. I’ve matured. I’m doing what I enjoy. I don’t think some of these rappers fell in love with music the way I did. How hungry are they? It’s easy to put out video clips. But what about writing the music and getting out there and working? You have to focus on what got you there.



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