Contract Toh Badt: Chris Brown To Give Half Of His Wealth To Rihanna If He Ever Hits Her Again

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Rihanna obviously loves the way she shines like a diamond, and wants to protect herself from Chris Brown ever  relapsing into Street-Fighter mode by making him sign a relationship contract.

According to CreamBmp, Rihanna has teamed up with her lawyers and created a contractual agreement for her boyfriend Chris Brown stating that if he hits her again she will not only leave but take half of his money with her.

Rihanna’s lawyer made a frank release that, “RiRi is very serious about starting a new relationship with Chris Brown, but I don’t think I need to remind you of what happened in ’09 between the two. That fight made WoldStar look like Sesame Street. So an ‘If You Hit ME’ agreement is definitely a requirement.”



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