Curves Of Life & Afterlife: Beyonce Changes Hair Color In New Pepsi Ad (PHOTO)

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If there were two thing we knew to be constant with Beyonce, it was that she made good music, and that her hair was always honey-blonde.

Slowly but surely, Beyonce’s Pepsi collaboration is pouring out some fun looks for Bey, and the latest leak shows Beyonce sporting an all new glow: Bleach blonde hair.

The new Pepsi images feature Bey showing off her post-baby curves in a Pepsi-colored outfit of blue short shorts and a tight-fitting white top.

The sexy clothing aside, we just can’t keep our eyes off of Beyonce’s blonde mane! This is the most drastic hair change Bey has seen in quite some time, and even if it was just for the Pepsi shoot, we wouldn’t be mad if it stuck around.


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