Miley Crus Takes A Break From Twitter, Signs New Manager

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Singer/actress Miley Cyrus, who has recently been attracting the media’s attention for everything but her music, decided to break off her relationship with Twitter (not her beautiful fiance), and begin a new one with Britney Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph.

E! News reported this new music-based partnership on Tuesday as Miley signed on with the veteran manager in hopes of bringing the focus back to her musical career and making a much-needed comeback. The news comes a little over a month after Cyrus partnered with RCA Records to distribute her highly anticipated new album in 2013.

A source told E! that “Larry has the track record to handle an international pop star like Miley.”

Rudolph’s track record includes working with pop idol Briney Spears since 1999. The manager helped turn the former “Mousketeer” into a mega superstar, as Huffington Post notes. The two parted ways in 2007 but reunited just a year later. He helped revitalize her career with “Circus” in 2008.

Hopefully Rudoplh can also revitalize Miley’s career, as she split from Jason Morey last February who managed Cyrus during her Disney days as “Hannah Montana.” E! reports that the 20-year-old’s mom, Tish, will still remain her co-manager.

Cyrus’ upcoming album with RCA will be the follow-up to her “lackluster” 2010 release, “Can’t Be Tamed,” which sold just 343,000 copies in the U.S, states Huffington Post. That track and video proved to be a little too scandalous for her Dinsey fan-base and their outraged parents.

Producer Ernest “Tuo” Clark of Das Internz, who is currently working with Cyrus, hinted at what fans can expect from the “So Undercover” actress.

“I can say it’s definitely going to shock a lot of people; definitely grown up,” Tuo told MTV News of the upcoming album. “It’s natural; it’s not her trying to do like pop, four on the floor. What she did was, I just feel like, was different and needed in the game and, then, for her a huge ‘wow’ factor.”

Tuo continued, “I have to say, like, it’s different. From the song that we did, the couple of records we did, it’s totally different; even the stuff we heard Pharrell do, it’s like a twist. It’s, like, something that’s new. … It’s definitely creative… she definitely knows what she wants.”

Apparently Miley’s new album will “showcase that crazy voice she has,” which will definitely be a nice change of pace as the former Disney star has lately been showcased for only her crazy hairstyles and break-up rumors.

Last year, the singer expressed a desire to make a lasting mark on the music industry. “I want people to remember me for things that are great,” Cyrus told the Associated Press in November. “Much bigger than the comedies that I do, but more about the music that I write and the songs that you leave for the world to think about.”

Miley seems like she’s in good hands with Spears’ manager Rudolph and the Das Internz production team, as she strives to focus on music once again rather than drama. Hopefully the “something different” and “great” that she’s working on will fall somewhere in-between her cheesy but catchy hit “Party in the USA” and extremely risque flop “Can’t be Tamed.”



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