MTV’s Hottest MCs List: Kendrick Lamar Believes Kanye West Should Be Number 1

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Compton MC Kendrick Lamar who is placed #1 on MTV’s hottest MCs list gave his take on the list and fellow rapper Kanye West. He believes that West should have been placed at a higher ranking.

The 25-year-old Compton rapper dropped his debut album, Oct. 22, 2012 and won over critics and fans alike. Lamar gave his opinion on the recent rant by West about his seventh position on the list. He told Rap Up TV that “Definitely. I mean, it’s Kanye. It’s Kanye. He’s been puttin’ in work for years.”

Lamar believes that the list is good for hip hop, making rappers competitive. He said, “It’s very important for hip-hop. We need that. It’s competitive…It is rap after all, and everyone should want to be the best”

The singer of the hit single “Poetic Justice” explained that though rappers come up with collaborative works, the MTV list will remind rappers that rap is competitive and if you are not the best then you can be stepped upon, “A lot of people forget out there that even though we’re doing these collaborations and stuff, you know, that’s we’re cool. At the same time, this is still rap. It’s still competitive and I’m tryin’ to compete with everybody to be the best and that’s how I feel everybody else should feel about it….”

He continued, “you’re supposed to feel like you’re the best. ‘Cos if you don’t – you gonna get stepped on. It’s a jungle out there.”

West also said that he was not the deserving emcee for the top spot, it must go to rapper Lil Wayne.

The Hottest MC’s complete list is out and here is the list below:

#1. Kendrick Lamar

#2. 2 Chainz

#3. Rick Ross

#4. Nas

#5. Drake

#6. Big Sean

#7. Kanye West

#8. A$AP Rocky

#9. Future

#10. Meek Mill



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