No BS: Is MI Really A Chairman With “CHAIRMAN”?

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If you are going to read this article with a closed mind, please have a bottle of Maltina on me.

My people say Afu dimkpa, afu ogonogo imi ya”. I know you may not really refer to MI as Dimkpa but you will definitely expect Ogonogo imi.

I’m a certified MI Abaga fan.

I’ve got an MI T-shirt, Note Book, Key ring and plastic bucket, all from different “MI Abaga Fans Worldwide” meetings.

I’ve fought different people at different times defending MI’s music, style and decisions.

I know Jude “MI” Abaga and I love his Music.

When you love music, you just love music but when you love good music, you respect people behind such music.

I started following the music whiz kid known as MI from his Crowd mentalitydays and for once, I grew respect for a Nigerian rapper who could rap in real English and at the same time retain your attention.

MI’s entrance into the Nigerian music scene was a breath of fresh air and he was able to convince some of us who never paid attention to Nigerian rap.

Seriously, before MI Abaga, I thought Eedris’s “Nigeria Jaga Jaga” was a rap song.

When MI dropped “Safe”, he changed the game and schooled “wannabe rappers”. He proved to us that being a rapper was more than “rhythm”

MI made a song out of songs!

“Safe” won MI more fans and got people anticipating the release of his album.

For rap heads who were expecting a messiah, the god of music sent MI Abaga.

With the release of “Talk About It”, MI needed say more. His fan base went from Lagos to Osina.

He became the only rapper acceptable to perform at burial ceremonies and ladies gladly accepted his lines as “pick-up lines”.

Someone I know even bought a carton of Talk About It”from Alaba and distributed same to his friends and family.

MI’s music was so good that it was acceptable to talk about it at the dining table.

MI didn’t have to shoot any videos to push his songs; his music did the pushing.

While some people were still trying to get used to “Talk About It”, MI put out his first mix tape “Illegal Music”.

On Illegal Music”, MI proved his lyrical depth and converted more unbelievers.

The followership expanded, ladies and their sugar daddies joined the movement.

MI became that rapper that would step on stage, point his microphone to the crowd and without uttering a word, listen to the crowd rap his songs word for word, back to back.

The wait for MI’s second album was long but we waited.

He kept pushing forward the release date but we were happy to wait.

Boom! MI Dropped his second album MI2 and we rushed for it.

With MI2, some people argued that MI went commercial compared to “Talk About It”. The real MI fans didn’t think so and yes, it was a bit different from “Talk About It” but it was not “Jollof Music”.

To the people that thought MI was going soft, He gave “Illegal Music 2

As true fans, we didn’t expect videos for songs on MI2 even though a video would have been great for “One Naira”.

You know one of those “poor” setting videos. Sigh!

End of history!

I know you may be wondering what the long story has got to do with the topic of this article.

Well, we didn’t just become MI fans; it was a process over a long period of time.

More than a year after the release of “MI2”, we have held meetings awaiting the release of new material from our messiah.

It took long but we waited.

Finally, we were given a date and an artwork. We were overjoyed and drooling.

Few days to the D-day, it was moved again but we didn’t even complain, it’s MI and whenever it comes, it must be good music.

They needed Spirit, so we gave them “Akpata” to calm them down.

There was a huge preparation for the release.

We heard about a history making Google hangout to be anchored by WAJE.

We all rushed and opened Google plus accounts.

MI was about to make history and we didn’t want to miss any part of it.

At the said time, “Chairman” was released and it was not even April 1.

I couldn’t believe what I heard; I played it again and again.

Some people said it would grow on me but I said, “I don’t have that time to wait”.

MI isn’t that type of rapper that would give you music you needed fertilizer for.

MI is not a Jollof rapper and I don’t even know the meaning of Jollof music.


Dear MI,

We didn’t wait this long for “Chairman” and we believe that someone else wrote “Chairman”.

They say, “second hand smoking is more dangerous” and we know you don’t smoke but whoever is smoking something around you is affecting your music writing.

You are “African rapper number 1, Microphone magician” but we don’t agree that you are chairman with this “Chairman”.

Forget the people calling it “dope” on twitter for a free retweet.

“Chairman” is not your best work.

Please whoever is using your body should give us MI Abaga back.

Best regards,

For MI Abaga Fans Worldwide, Umuomaku branch

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. The song is poor …it wud probably only make Alaba mixtapes bcos of his name …. Dis year hasnt been for korrect songs … CC needs to focus more on Brymo now dat Jagz has gone. He’s d most talented.

  2. Actually, Jollof Music initiator, “Lynxxx” has been dropping real good bars here and there… (Watch his video shoot freestyle and factory78 freestyle) and his recent collabo with iLLBliss, Killz, Phyno is not a bad song either… why you gatta hit on him, face M.I 😐

  3. MI’s performance of Safe at the Mtv Base awards a couple of years back won me over and I was impressed with all the follow ups.
    But this “chairman” is a progressive step in the wrong direction.
    The old MI should be recalled. ASAP

  4. The author of this article is just fulfilling prophecy. In tubaba’s voice *if nobody talks about you, then you are a nobody*

  5. I think Y’all should STFU and give MI a break. I really don’t understand what y’all are about. I really think its one of those posts to get hits on this site whose hits are reducing by the day.

  6. Yeah I like MI.I’ve bn a fan since crowd mentality and tho I didn’t like d chairman song at first I agreed with someone who said the song wil grow on me and it eventually did.but again I was not happy wit all d hype abt d song cos I was expectn sometin that wil make me say yes that’s d chairman.I hope MI gets dis msg and put in more work on his songs.

  7. Yeah I like MI.I’ve bn a fan since crowd mentality and tho I didn’t like d chairman song at first I agreed with someone who said the song wil grow on me and it eventually did.but again I was not happy wit all d hype abt d song cos I was expectn sometin that wil make me say yes that’s d chairman.I hope MI gets dis msg and put in more work on his songs.Nice one Nobs

  8. This post is a trick post.
    One its only you friend that can tell you your mouth is smelling but I wouldn’t tell my friend that in public. Noble you should have privately related your concerns to MI.

  9. Hmmm, interesting array of comment.
    It’s prepostrous that an cerebral entity would summon enough temerity to criticize an astounding beautiful piece of music art by MI.
    May your folly be pardoned by the musical gods.

  10. I took some time out to read some of your posts noble.

    As Don baba J rightly tweeted:

    I hope this makes you bigger than google.

    Smh @ you.

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