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tummy ache



After a long day, I got home to relax when I remembered I had schedule a meeting for that evening; I was so hungry I decided to eat out since we would be meeting in an eatery close by.

When I got there I checked their menu, hmmm! fried rice was not appealing at all, I looked at the picture of the jollof rice and chicken on the wall and it looked good with plenty green peas around it; so I decided to play safe and I ordered jollof rice and crispy chicken.

I carried my meal to my table where I was holding a brief meeting without really paying attention to what I was carrying. When I settled down I notice there were no green peas in the jollof rice and I thought maybe they would be underneath the food… I took my first spoon and all I could taste was thyme I stared at the food and I realized it was thyme infested.

Who bath jollof rice with thyme????

I eat the food with hunger eye; still looking for green pea I could only count one green pea so far, looking at the picture on the wall and back to my food shaking my head this people are just fraudster deceiving people with the picture of plenty green pea inside jollof rice and giving me only one green pea in my 700 naira plate of jollof rice. Mscheww!!!

Generally the food was awful had to finish it though; my money and hunger at stake and the so called crispy chicken had no taste.

I got to the serving point after my meeting to inform the attendant that I just had the worst jollof rice ever and she just stared at me as if I was speaking Swahili; all this eatery attendant sef!! with no customer service/retention training.

I went to the nearest super mart to buy my guilty pleasure pringles to wash off the awful taste of what I just had.

3 hours after I got home, I noticed I was sweating unnecessary the fan and ac where on; after drinking very chilled water, I was still sweating; tummy pinching/biting/aching came along.

I married the toilet all through the night and there was no flagyl or tetracycline in the medicine box.

The pain was so much that I had to take pain killer…. for where; it didn’t work.

I was so uncomfortable I could only ask myself one question “why did I venture that eatery food???” A whole CEO GRUBS heheheh!!!

Na vex I use write this article…

The pain and running tummy continued the next day had to reschedule my meeting for that day to avoid embarrassment, finally got myself sometime in the evening.

After plenty yabs from all angle I went into the kitchen to arrange some sharp sharp sweet jollof rice with fried diced beef *wink* and I promise not to go back to that eatery…. maybe their ice cream might take me back and my favorite eateries would still be patronised by me when need be.

While growing up I learnt thyme major use are for steaming your proteins; all them chicken, beef and co to soften and spice them and not to be used like curry powder.


My beloved chef’s don’t bath your jollof rice with excess thyme it’s a NO NO.



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Brenda Njemanze

Brenda Njemanze

Coming with a new style as this foodie brings the kitchen to you. Updating you on everything you want to know about food. She is just that girl that loves cooking - sharing tips on food, bakes lovely/crazy tasty pastries when she is pissed and a food blogger. Publisher of Grubs Magazine Nigeria, first food and wellness magazine. For more info check out her food blog or you can follow her on Twitter @obendo


  1. Nice post, but u should have tried to edit it before submitting na. The grammatical errors made me lose interest halfway.

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