Full Details On Rihanna Beef

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You might (or might not) have known about the social media beef Rihanna had with another artist Teyana Taylor who’s under Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music but the details are so juicy that I decided to share with you. It seems Twitter has increased the amount of beef we have in our atmosphere these days. It all started like this:

Just a few weeks ago Taylor posted a video of herself singing Anita Baker’s hit “Caught In The Rapture”

Rihanna later shared a vid on Instagram of her hairstylist Yusef dressed like Taylor while wailing out the track. (see vid below)

After fans alerted Taylor of the diss, the G.O.O.D. Music singer went on a rant on Rihanna’s Instagram before taking her beef to own her page. by posting this picture

Photo by teyanataylor

I think that’s when the beef migrated to the grand arena – twitter. And Teyana was fed up of being indirect. So I will unravel the whole timeline from there. It should be pretty easy to follow. Grab your popcorn too by the way.











That’s all. I’m no Rihanna Navy or whatever Teyana calls her fans (even if I was, I wouldn’t care). I just stayed back and enjoyed this, waited for a while and brought you the gist. So what do you think about this particular beef?




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