Man With Two Penises Speaks Up On His Condition Online [ EXPLICIT PHOTOS] 18+

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A man who claims to suffer from an extremely rare medical condition in which he was born with two penises has posted a picture online, attracting thousands of questions.

The anonymous man – who goes by the moniker ‘DoubleD*ckDude’ – spent more than six hours answering questions online after uploading the pictures to Reddit.

He claimed to suffer from a condition known as diphallia – where a boy is born with two fully-functioning penises, each capable of operating independently from the other – and included two pictures with the time and date.

When he was asked how people react to his condition, he replied: ‘It varies from girl to girl.

‘Some have been like “wow”. Some have been like “that’s fake!” Some have freaked out like, called me names.

‘Most are pretty curious but I don’t have casual sex anymore, I stopped a few years back.’

imageedit_1_5005887076To follow the conversation (or too see fully explicit photos) go to the Reddit thread




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