360Nobs Style: Best And Worst Looks Of January 2014

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Hi guys, Happy new month. At the end of every month 360nobs Style would bring you the top 5 looks of the month. From the award shows, to the polo events, and magazine covers. Starting off this month’s countdown is

5)Seyi Shay For House of Maliq: I really do not know how a lot of these magazine shoots work. Ask me why?

For starters, half of the Nigerian magazines are filled with crap, I even know a certain one that has been nicknamed as the magazine for tailor’s(keep reading and you would find out which one). Also, isn’t there a way for celebrities to reject certain dresses? Ehn? Some dresses are just image ruining. In Nigeria, everyone wants to please everyone, so I can relate to why Seyi Shay confidently posed in this dress.

This shoot as a whole was an epic fail. This shot of Seyi Shay almost being the worst.

seyi shay

4)Zina and Nkiru Anumudu at the Genevieve Lagos Polo Event- The focus here is Nkiru not Zina. Nkiru is the older looking one.

She is a very popular socialite known to wear outfits straight off the international runway. I do not know of any other Nigerian that does that.

I love love love her hat.

She is wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana dress from the Italian label’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, her shoes are also from the same collection. On her right hand she had one gold ring on each finger, a diamond cocktail ring on her left finger and a couple of quite unnecessary bracelets.

Money can buy the clothes but money cannot buy style. I think she needs a stylist ASAP.

                                                 NKIRU AND ZINA ANUMUDU


3) Dencia at the 2014 Grammy’s: LOL

My dearest readers you know how I am about weaves. Please can someone tell me what is on Dencia’s head. Her eye make-up is very poor, and I hate that jumpsuit, I do not know why but I think it is awful to look at.

What do you think about this outfit?

dencia collage

2)Orire Omatsola at the Genevieve polo event: She is wearing Rebahia. I love this look, and this was my absolute favorite from the event. From the shoes, to the dress, the clutch,her minimal jewelry, to that amazingly humongous hat. I have nothing but love for this outfit.

orire omatsola

1)Toke Makinwa’s wedding gown: Last month, Toke Makinwa surprised us all, I had a feeling she surprised herself too with a small intimate wedding. I honestly expected it to be a fully blown out affair. To the subject at hand.

Her wedding dress. When I saw this dress, I was blown away literally. I love the fact that it is not the regular Cinderella ballroom gown and it fits perfectly. Do you know the best part, it is by a Nigerian Designer, Kunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi.

The cut outs are well done, the material doesn’t give that cheap glamour dresses made in Nigeria give. I was also thrilled that her hair was pulled to the back in a pony tail. Her make-up was good too.

toke makinwa1toke makinwa2


Oh by the way, complete fashion is the magazine I made reference to earlier.

Have a Fashionable February Fashionistas 😉



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  1. @Dencia’s UGLY!!!!!!!
    @Zina Anumudu Stop maltreating those boobs. Wear the right underwear!!!!
    @SeyiShay Oh..why? You look boring.

  2. @Dencias UGLY!!!!!!!
    @Zina Anumudu Stop maltreating those boobs. Wear the right underwear!!!!
    @SeyiShay Oh..why? You look boring.

  3. I think Seyi shay is aight but the dencia and zina and blah blah are apologies for womanhood and style plus toke’s dress blew me away I still stare err time I see the picture

  4. Seyi Shay should not be on this list cos her outfit is just simple neither horrible nor awesome. But defs to Toke Makinwa!! Breathtakingly beautiful. Not a fan of Nkiru’s hat. What is Dencia wearing? Trying to decide if i like Orire’s hat or nah. The other outfits are just painful to look at.

  5. As bad as my dress sense is, some of these guys up here are worse than myself. For pete’s sake, even without following any rules. Does it look like humans in out time still dress this way?

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