Are you a Groupie?

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Unfortunately (or Fortunately) in this entertainment industry, it’s not hard to fall in love or develop a crush for an artiste especially when you factor in their talent, fame, money, success, performances, and let’s not forget their good looks (I know a couple of celebrities that automatically popped up in my head.)

All these factors make entertainers and artistes almost irresistible to men and women, we love them for everything they do from acting in movies to being able to produce a hot song, but what happens when our adoration as fans became something much more?


Back in the days, a groupie was considered a person, (man or woman) who enjoyed one’s talents and want to create and form a relationship with them, whether it be a friendship, casual or romantic relationship. These people are often proved to be muses and inspirations for the artiste, due to the combination of being a loyal fan and friend. (Example Fela Queens, these women were Fela’s performers, dancers, wives and inspiration to make the kind of music he gave to the world, even though some people had negative remarks about these women, one wouldn’t dare label them as the kind of “groupie” we have today.) 

The term “groupie” has gained a negative connotation these past years from people who don’t agree with the lifestyle. This in turn has attributed to many of the value-less groupies who began using musicians to gain fame or money after giving sexual favors to the the artiste and/or crew members.

I attend a lot of events and concerts, meeting local and international celebrities for my show and I can’t help but notice the women that wiggle their way backstage, trying to get the celebrity’s attention. My question is what is your end game? Are you just a devoted fan wanting to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity, do you want to have sexual relations with this person? Do you want to be their girlfriend or something?

I know a lot of musicians especially in the entertainment industry, and one thing that some of them have told me was when a woman is too hot and pressed for their attention, “They only see them as another groupie” You might be the sweetest, most lovable, caring girl but they don’t know that because of the way you come off especially in those situations. 

TIP: There are ways of talking to a celebrity without coming off groupie-ish, talk to them as a regular person. Do you know how many times celebrities come across fans on a day to day basis? Talk-less of the men and women writing your admiration and for some sexual innuendos on Instagram pictures and on Twitter. By you screaming and shouting you are only categorizing yourself as 1 of the 100,000,000 fans that they come across, and you are more special and unique than that.(You no know?) Stand out and in a good way. After all how many groupies do you know that have turned into housewife? It’s the regular girls, that one you see behind the scenes that gets the man.

Respect your yourself, and in turn “maybe” that celebrity you love so much will respect you (The END GAME)

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

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