Who Wore It Better: Zainab Balogun Vs Eku Edewor

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Both gorgeous females are wearing CLAN.

Eku Edewor first stole the show in this champagne number at the AMVCA awards back in March. Eku styled her look with leopard court shoes, minimal jewellery and let her honey-blonde  hair down.

Eku Edewor clan


Zainab Balogun recently modelled this same dress in the same colour for Clan’s new collection tagged-Clan Classics. Her dress was styled with shimmery gold sandals, a classiccuffed neckpiece, and beautiful coral ear-rings. Unlike Eku, Zainab’s hair is pulled up.



While I prefer the way Zainab’s dress was styled, I think Eku rocked this dress better. The colour of the dress suits  her skin tone and her hair color gives the whole ensemble a perfect finish.

Who do you think rocked it better?

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  1. Zainab Definitely rocked that champagne coloured dress better. she’s totally brownskinned and the colour of the dress gives her some vibrance. Eku looked nice with her hair down but the colour totally washed her since she’s already so pale,she should have gotten a tan or something and those shoes?! really?! I mean the head of the igbo women’s meeting called,she wants her shoes back. They were so retro and didn’t just balance w/ the modernity of the dress. I Love Eku but that dress was plainly boooring and underwhelming. Zainab’s style in the dress is modern classic w/ a bit of 1920s chic vibe coming from the way her hair is styled. sorry guys,I gotta hand it to Zainab on this one!

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