All The Pictures from #CrackYaRibs2014 UK Tour with Julius Agwu, Patoranking, Phyno, Chidinma, Akpororo & more

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On the 24th of August 2014,  Julius D’Genius Agwu, one of Nigeria’s top comedians shut down the Hackney Empire in London for the 9th edition of #CrackyaRibs UK Tour.  As always, Julius entertained the guests with some of the hottest music acts supported by younger comedians in the business.

The featured acts were #Phyno#Patoranking, #Akpororo, #Osama, Monkals, Romeo without Juliet, and #Pencil.  Amongst the entertained guests were Ms Kedike Chidinma, Ayo Shonaya,  comic veteran Ali Baba, Alariwo, Yaw Yaw and more.  The CrackyaRibs UK show is organised annually by Akinolu Jenkins.  Here are some of the funny pictures from the event. Enjoy.

Crack ya Ribs-2_London_360nobs
Crack ya Ribs-4_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-5_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-6_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-7_London_360nobs
Crack ya Ribs-9_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-10_London_360nobs
Crack ya Ribs-12_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-13_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-14_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-15_London_360nobs
Crack ya Ribs-17_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-18_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-19_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-20_London_360nobs
Crack ya Ribs-22_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-23_London_360nobs
Crack ya Ribs-25_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-27_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-28_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-30_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-31_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-32_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-33_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-35_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-36_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-38_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-41_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-43_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-44_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-45_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-46_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-47_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-49_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-51_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-53_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-54_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-55_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-56_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-58_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-59_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-60_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-61_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-63_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-64_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-65_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-67_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-68_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-70_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-72_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-74_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-75_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-79_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-81_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-82_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-83_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-85_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-84_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-87_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-90_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-91_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-94_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-96_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-97_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-98_London_360nobs Crack ya Ribs-99_London_360nobs


Credits: Michael Tubes for 360nobs



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