Should Wedding Rings Be Returned After The Divorce/Break-Up?

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A ring is an unbroken circle which many cultures understand as a symbol of never ending love.

A wedding ring symbolizes eternity, whether it costs 8 million dollars or is a paper ring which costs less than a dollar. Lets put aside the fact that  today’s society no longer has any real respect for a wedding ring or what it signifies-

An engagement ring is sometimes considered to be a gift, other times it is seen as a conditional gift.

Remember how long it took Kim to return the 20.5 carat diamond ring Kris Humphries proposed to her with after their 72 day marriage shattered?

Kris Jenner & Bruce Jenner are in the middle of their divorce process, and both parties are deciding to keep personal jewelery which includes their engagement rings. Bruce proposed to Kris Jenner in September of 1991 with a 20.5 carat engagement ring specially designed by celebrity designer Lorraine Schwartz.

2 situations have been stated above, one where the ring was released involuntarily and after a lot of battles while another where the rings are been kept by both partners.

Personally, I think all engagement rings should be returned, but with marriages it  depends on who calls what off and what stage the relationship is at. For instance, if Betty and Ben are married for 7  years  and Betty files for divorce because she falls out of love with Ben, she should return the ring to him.

That is one out of a thousand scenarios, what are your thoughts? Would you return an engagement ring? Would you return your wedding ring if your husband cheats and it ends in divorce? Would you let your ex-wife keep the ring if she cheated on you?

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