Baba Suwe No Longer Interested In NDLEA’s N25 Million Compensation

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After a long drawn out court case, Baba Suwe has yet to receive his N25 million compensation from the NDLEA.

In a recent interview, the actor revealed he was no longer interested in the money, and offered thanks to his lawyer, the late Bamidele Aturu.

He said, “I could not sign Aturu’s condolence register; it was my child that signed it. Aturu was my saviour, helper and Godsent. Aturu’s death is one of the most painful things to have happened to me.

“He was a very nice person; he was very passionate about me. When the incident happened, he came to meet me and asked me to tell him the truth if I was guilty or innocent and I told him the truth. He then assured me that he would defend me so that I would not go to jail and that’s what he did.”

“The NDLEA has wronged me and it is meant to find a way to make me happy. It is a slap on my face. I am not agitating for the money; I don’t need it to survive in life. All I want is an apology. If the government can tender an apology to me and publish it in newspapers, I will have peace of mind and be happy,” he said.



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