S/African Prison Gang Leader Promises To ‘Take Out Oscar Pistorius’ If Sentenced

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South African criminal kingpin Khalil Subjee has threatened to ‘take out’ Oscar Pistorius if he is given preferential treatment in jail, a court heard today.

Oscar Pistorius will face serious harm if sent to prison, his defence lawyer Barry Roux argued today as a South African prison gang leader promised he would be ‘taken out’.

If he is jailed, the Paralympian will likely be sent to Kgosi Mumpuru prison in Pretoria, where feared gangs are notorious for turning new inmates into sex slaves in exchange for protection.

The defence lawyer said Subjee, the head of the feared 26s gang who claims to control all of South Africa’s inland jail, made his threats in an interview from a prison phone box.

Subjee said: ‘If he thinks he is going to come here and buy his way to get computers and cellphones and a lavish lifestyle, he must know that will never happen for as long as I am around.’

The criminal kingpin, who has been in and out of prison for the past 33 years, admitted he had organised similar retribution on other prisoners who had received special care, including the killer of Chris Hani a hero of the anti-apartheid struggle.

The revelations came after Miss Steenkamp’s cousin made a dramatic appeal for Pistorius to be sent to prison, telling the court that he ‘needs to pay for what he’s done’ to her family and his own.

Kim Martins said her family were not seeking revenge, but insisted anything other than a jail sentence would be an affront to justice.

Giving evidence for the second day, Mrs Martins, 42, spoke in a broken voice as she called on Judge Thokozile Masipa to ‘send a message to society‘ by jailing the athlete.

Pistorius faces up to 15 years behind bars for manslaughter but could also walk free after shooting the model four times through a toilet door.



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