BBA Hotshots: Its A Tell It All Affair As Former Housemates Reveal Their Intentions

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The former housemates visiting the Big Brother house are doing all within their power to make the house as uncomfortable as they can to the Hotshots and they made this much known to Big Brother during their diary sessions. Sulu however made it known to, Biggie during his Diary sessions that they must not overdo the pushing of the Hotshots as they may discover the prank being played out on them.

He went on to tell Big Brother that the Hotshots seem disorganised as every one seemed to be involved in an altercation or another which was evident from the events of the previous night but the Hotshots were still getting along with the former housemates despite their erratic behaviour. Tayo on his part told opened up to Big Brother that he had a private conversation with Luclay but he still had a haunch that the former housemates were in the house to play mind games. He also said that Luclay was the ex-housemates that was pushing the Hotshots the most but however told Biggie that he was Luclay’s match any day, anytime.

Furthermore, Tayo expressly told Big Brother that his fellow Nigerian compatriot – Uti was a big competitor chosen to be his match even as he referred to him as a “Big Lion”. He however said he was an equal match to Uti. All the Hotshots seemed to agree that Elikem was a major sour point who pushed their buttons with particular reference to him undermining Sheillah’s role as the Head of House. Trezagah on, his part felt that the former housemates were not respecting the Hotshots enough when it came to participating in the tasks.

More so, Trezagah felt that the former housemates brought with them a renewed form of energy which had been lacking in the house for a while but he still felt that there was more to their actions. He said he was surprised at Leonel’s transformation when he was drunk as the latter was breaking things which he refused to sweep up just as he said he was stunned with the actions at Denzel’s behaviour which made him think he was not from this planet.


The former housemates have changed the urgency in the house with the fresh energy they brought in which however seems alien. It remains to be seen if a spat can be avoided by the Hotshots and their visitors.



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