Saint Rogers Episode 18 by @Tomilola_coco #SaintRogers

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“Agnes, I understand your situation but we cannot fix the wedding for this Saturday. We are not even prepared yet and these kids are still in the very early stages of preparation.” Grace was beginning to get irritated by Agnes’ unreasonable demands, she turned to the cold glass of grapewine on the table to calm her down.

Agnes was refusing to listen to reason, “They will get married this Saturday and that will be it. Remember that this is not your decision to make.” she grabbed her bag and summoned her assistant who came running. “I don’t have the patience to wait any longer. Cancel whatever is making them take this much time and move on to the wedding itself please. Have a nice night.”

Then she stepped into the dark night with her assistant and was enveloped in it.

Grace finished the wine in her glass, feeling terribly jaded after having to listen to Agnes’ unreasonable demands.

She drummed her fingers on the table, her mind working fast on a way out of the dilemma.


She gulped down the remaining wine from the night before, kicked off her shoes and relaxed on the chaise lounge, her gaze set intently on the clear blue water in the pool in front of her.

The light illuminating the compound shone in the pool, bringing alive the beauty that never seemed to show during the day.

Alero felt the need to jump into the pool and have a cold swim. It was a hot night and even though she had spent her entire day in a cold office, then a cold car, she felt very hot on the inside.

Shedding her clothes and leaving on only her thong, she dived into the pool. The moment she immersed herself into the cool welcoming water, half of her troubles seemed to be washed away.

She submerged in the cool blue water, her mind sailing back to some hours earlier.

She stormed out of her office, got into her car and sped to her mother’s office. Agnes had an unwelcoming look in her eyes when she walked in but everything had changed when she mentioned that she wanted Jide or nobody else.

Sam had been a mistake, She had come over, seduced her and allowed the devil use her.

Who she really wanted was Jide and she was ready to marry him as soon as possible.

The news had brought a wide smile on her mother’s face, the type of smile she had never seen her have.

She knew when she did not show up, Sam would fix the puzzle.

Now, she came up for air, her mind jetting back to a few minutes earlier when she had sent a text to Sam that read: I know what you did and I’m so mad @ you. How can you set me up like that? @ least you’d know why I’ll never be yours now.

She wiped her eyes and swam out of the pool.

Her mother was standing by the chaise lounge when she got there, a glass of chapman in her hand. She handed it over to Alero, a smirk on her face.

“You’re getting married on Saturday.” she announced, “It will be a secret wedding but the whole world will witness the big one later. I just need you to go to your husband’s house first and we would focus on the big ceremonies later.”

Alero took the chapman from her, gulped the sweet cold drink while she tried to swallow the information.

Her mother patted her on her bare back, the enormous gold ring on her finger mildly scratching her skin.

“You made the right choice.” She sauntered off, leaving Alero to slump into the chaise, sighing deeply.

Her phone beeped, she picked it and read a text from Sam: You’ll never be mine because you’re a damn coward and I don’t want cowards. I want women who know what they want and stand for it. I’m getting married this Saturday to the one person who deserves me. Goodbye.

Alero angrily threw the phone in the pool, then she spread out on the chaise, telling herself she would be fine, Sam or not.



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