Saint Rogers Episode 19 by @Tomilola_coco #SaintRogers

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One of his favorite Christian songs was playing from his CD player and he was singing along with so much gusto, it would take more than the whole demons in hell to knock out his joy.

He was enthusiastic, happy, elated that finally he knew what God wanted from him. Why hadn’t he prayed earlier? Why hadn’t he realized that if he asked for help, he would get it?

Why had he thought he would live the rest of his life being his mother’s remote controlled object, when he could mutter a prayer to God in Heaven and get a response?

Why had he been sleeping on all that? They had been in his face all along. When he had to slow down in traffic, he grabbed the steering wheel and sang loudly along with Out Of Eden on his car CD

God has given me a window

And I can finally see the light

And though, I felt like going under

I know it’s gonna be alright, yeah, yeah

I just wanna take the time to say

His love will never go away

And when all is dark, no light to see

He brings away, oh my God has


God has given me a window…

He slammed his leg on the accelerator and moved once the road was free and was not even the least bit angry at the guy who almost bashed his car. It was his night, he was happy and that was what mattered.


Aunty ‘Molola was not letting Tamilore go until they had shared a drink at a restaurant in the mall and had dinner.

She sat near her niece on the wide leather couch they had chosen to sit on and after signing a few autographs for people, ordered for them both glasses of lemonade.

“Does this happen all the time? Do you sign autographs all the time?” Tamilore inquired, wanting to know if it got all eventful in her dearest Aunty’s life.

Aunty ‘Molola shrugged, “Not really.” she replied and then added, “It gets boring sha.”

Tamilore widened her eyes unbelievably and grabbed the cold glass of Lemonade when it arrived on their table, she sucked through the straw and then asked after she’d tasted the sweet drink, “This gets boring? Jeez, Aunty ‘Molola I could take your life right now!”

Her Aunt laughed, “trust me, you will take that back after a few days.”


“Yes. After you see how chaotic my life can be. My husband says its one of the reasons we don’t have kids yet, we are both birthing so much productivity in our different lives that we don’t have the time to birth babies.” She played with the straw in her glass, causing the ice in the glass to clink against each other.

Tamilore laughed, Aunty ‘Molola was the happy go lucky woman who nothing could possibly affect. Tamilore loved her dearly.

“So, asides from being my assistant, what else do you have plans to do now?”

“I want to go into fashion designing but first, own my personal Vintage, Retro and classic fashion store.”

Aunty ‘Molola was impressed, she nodded in support, “That’s a brilliant thing to do, honey. I really like it. My husband and I have so many friends who are into all these vintage and retro things and even though Segun and I laugh at them when they’re gone, we think its beautiful and although different but an interesting perspective on life.”

Their food hit the table and she grabbed her fork immediately, “You should think of selling more than fashion, or what do you think? you could sell other vintage pieces too you know?Like furniture, curtains and all that.”

Tamilore liked the idea, “That sounds cool.”

“I have a friend who I just met a while back who likes stuff like this. I’m sure you both can have a discussion about this and he can give you more ideas before you start of by yourself.”

Tamilore smiled as she listened to her Aunty give her ideas, she was in love with this woman. And if nothing brought her down with all the issues she’d had in the past, then nothing was bringing her down too.


i know what you’re thinking

it seems that it’s too good to be true

But just when I need him

He’s known for always coming through


He chanted the lyrics even when he had stepped out of the car and was on his way into the house.

When he got to the door, he twirled before he turned the key in the keyhole and strolled into the house.

Nobody was stealing his shine tonight, he got it and he wasn’t going to let it dim.

He sighted his mother in the sitting room, her back to him, her eyes set on the TV. He muttered a greeting to her and danced all the way to his room.


Tamilore was filled with a plate of delicious fried rice and two glasses of lemonade and a whole lot of enthusiasm that was as a result of her Aunt’s motivational talk.

“You know, things always gets hard because life is hard. And I have to tell you that there’s nothing like an easy way to go through life, nothing like that. But there’s your way of going through life, which is the way that gives the answers you get.”

Her Aunt said, holding her hand as they rode through the elevator.

“What you need to find out is if your way has been working for you so far, if it hasn’t then find another way and if that doesn’t work, keep finding alternate means to survive, keep looking, never stop.”

She wanted to go home with Aunty ‘Molola that night but she chose not to. She would go to hers and meditate on everything she’d heard and she would wake up the next morning ready to be someone else.

After she’d showered, she scrolled through her phone and saw the messages and calls Jide had left for her.

She called him back.


“Hello Suga Spice!” He screamed in excitement, stripping himself of his work clothes.

“Hello, Pastor.”

Hearing her voice was making him happier, he had no idea he could be happier than he already was. But she had shown him that he could through that soft soothing voice of hers.

“God showed me a sign! I asked Him to and He did, babe.” He was so ecstatic he would give anything to see her at that very moment, to share the news to her in person, to see what her immediate reaction would be, to tell her that if they let go and let God, he would handle everything for them while they loved each other.

He slipped his old sleeping T-shirt over his head, “We are going to be fine.” he pulled the shirt down, “We would be.”

“I hope so.” Tamilore said from the other end of the line and she knew she did more than hope, she knew. She’d had one of the best days of her life and she knew she’d be very fine.

Jide heard a knock on the door, accompanied by his mother’s voice. He strode to the door, opened it and let her in.

“Olajide, you’re getting married this Saturday” she mentioned casually.

Tamilore heard it and she echoed the words, “You’re getting married this Saturday”

Jide stood there, knowing all he could do at the moment too was to echo those words and so he said, “I’m getting married this Saturday.”




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