@Ebuka’s Shrine: 10 Most Fascinating Nigerians Of 2014 (Part 2)

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10 Fascinating Nigerians of 2014 | 360nobs.com


I’m not a fan of lists or rankings because they come with way too much controversy and it’s almost always impossible to find two people who agree on any single list. But I’ve always been a huge fan of Barbara Walters’ 19 year old annual television show; 10 Most Fascinating people. She usually gets people talking with whom she puts at the top. In 2011, she had The Kardashian Family at number 1. Americans cried blue murder. The year after, she had the Director of the CIA David Petraeus as number 1, even though he left office that year controversially. So when I saw her list for 2014 with Amal Clooney, (lawyer and wife of George Clooney) as her number 1 most fascinating person, I smiled. It was another unexpected decision. But as with every year, you can kind of see why she’d go with hat choice.

So I toyed with the idea of my own list of 10 Most Fascinating Nigerians of 2014. And no, I do not plan to go for any shock factors with my number 1. Feel free to disagree though in the comment section. Here goes…

In case you missed Part 1 (10 to 6) of my 10 Most Fascinating Nigerians of 2014, you can read it here.


Tayo Faniran | 360nobs.com
Tayo Faniran

It’s hard to remember when last Nigerians were this passionate about a Big Brother housemate. Tayo a Nigerian model based in Johannesburg went into the house as one of two Nigerian representatives and almost immediately turned the house on its head. People looked forward to his fights and shouting matches. Even more interesting was the fact that he cried almost as often as he fought. He ended up losing on the final day and for the first time in BBA history, there was an attempt by Nigerians (led by actor and Lagos State House of Assembly candidate Desmond Elliot) to crowd fund the $300,000 prize money for a housemate. Shocking stuff! Like he famously always said; ”Are they mad? They must be mad!”


Linda Ikeji | 360nobs.com
Linda Ikeji

So you think Linda has no talent, is only good at stealing people’s works and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Well, her post in early December where she posted terms for a giveaway to her followers was a true sign of how much of an enigma she is. She had over 25,000 comments in the first day on that single post. Many still do not understand how she’s become ‘The Linda’ with such a simple blogging model. She runs her business alone on her terms and gives back how and when she decides to.

Many keep predicting that she won’t be around for much longer. But the one thing they can’t deny is that 2014 has been an interesting year for her * wink *


Vincent Enyeama | 360nobs.com
Vincent Enyeama

I still can’t believe we won’t be playing at the Nations Cup next year. But I’m sure goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama is even more hurt. A member of the team that are still the current African Champions, he has been in the running for every single player of the year award on the continent this year, became the Super Eagles’ captain after Joseph Yobo retired and had THE BEST campaign at the World Cup yet.

It seemed like every girl in Nigeria, wanted to have Enyeama’s babies this year, until his wife showed up on his Instagram page holding their three kids happily. Arguably Nigeria’s best goalkeeper ever, we can only hope that he’s still saving the best for the coming years. No pun.


HRH Lamido Sanusi

From governor of the Central Bank and sworn enemy of President Jonathan, to being suspended and investigated, to his coronation as the new Emir of Kano and then being seen now on several occasions smiling with Mr. President, it is hard to keep up with or predict this brand new royal father’s next move. He’s blown some of the loudest whistles in Nigeria till date with regards to the oil industry and some of his comments before being fired as governor, continues to haunt those in power. Never one to keep quiet, he’s been calm as Emir and only seems to speak when he needs to. Don’t take my word to the bank though. It’s still early days.


Davido | 360nobs.com

Davido did it all this year. He had relationship scandals, he made good music, he battled his fans on social media, he made more good music, he had a public fallout with Wizkid, he made even more good music, he won every award possible and made crazy amounts of money while at it. It’s hard to think that he’s only 22 years old and dropped probably the most iconic single in Nigerian music this year ‘Aye’. Most of us run to his Twitter or Instagram page every morning hoping to catch something interesting there and we are almost never disappointed with the drama. With over a million twitter followers, about half a million Instagram followers (the most by any Nigerian) and an unbelievable bank balance, many young men want to be him. Actually, scratch that; young and old. With the amount of cash and jewelry he put on social media this year, his next album might just be titled B.O. (Baba Olowo).



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