Fashion Flashback! Check Out 10 Of Lady Gaga’s Outrageous Outfits

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When it comes to fashion, Lady Gaga is known for trying to be creative with her pretty outrageous wardrobe choices and she is highly criticized for pulling off several disastrous looks. The star always makes an attempt to steal the show whenever she steps out and she is as good at that as she is in her musical career.

Lady Gaga is often being caught in public eye displaying her outrageous costumes. So many may consider her a fashion Icon for putting up some creative work, but we think these outfits are results of failed creativity. Check out 10 of Lady Gaga’s very weird costumes

1) The Layered Cake Dress

lady gaga1

This outfit is crazy and simply hilarious at the same time. Lady Gaga stepped out in this layered cake outfit at the Britt Awards 2010 which held at the Earls court.

2) The Lobster Outfit

lady gaga2

Wearing a plain white dress can be boring so she decided to accessorize and spice the costume up with the eye catching lobster head piece.

3) The Bubble Dress

lady gaga3

This is a very exceptional dress. The singer took out all her creative skills in creating this bubble dress which she wore on tour promoting her debut album, the fame.

4) White Witch Dress

lady gaga4

What we can’t ascertain is what Lady Gaga was thinking when she made this dress. She arrived at the red carpet of the 52nd GRAMMY awards in this wild attire.

5) Satellite Dish Outfit


She wore this dress at the 2011 MTV EMA awards where she won an award for ‘Best female’. The dress looks like its a lot of pain for the star.

6). Namelesslady gaga6

We do not have a name for this outfit/costume because it has left u totally confused. The singer wore this outfit to the 2009 Video music awards.

7) Black wacky Dress

lady gaga7

Lady Gaga is more famous for her wacky and weird costumes and this is certainly one of the wacky ones. She wore this dramatic Jean Paul Gaultier gown with a beaded neck brace and a half face mask to the MTV video music awards 2014.

8)The Boobie Firework Dress

Most times, Lady Gaga gets noticed for her very weird outfit than her performances. While the singer looked like she totally rocked the outfit, its obvious she struggled not to get burnt.

9) Arrow-head Costume

lady gaga9

This costume looks like it can kill anyone who tries to come close to the star. She didn’t need a bodyguard as the outfit was protective enough. She wore the outfit to the 52nd annual GRAMMY awards in January 2010.

10) Fury Bird Dress

lady gaga10

It wasn’t Halloween when Lady Gaga decided to rock this outfit. Little wonder how she was able to see through those tiny  little eye-holes in the fury bird-like mask, oh well she got help from her bodyguard.

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