GEJ’s Promise To Nigerians: ‘We’ll Catch Shekau Before Elections’

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The president of Nigeria, has revealed that he believes that the leader of the dreaded Insurgent group, Boko Haram will be captured before Nigeria’s general elections starting March 28. PremiumTimesNg report.

According to Thisday publication on Friday, President Goodluck Jonathan disclosed that, “God willing we will catch Shekau before the elections.”

President Jonathan said this in response to a question on what his government is doing about Mr. Shekau’s threat to disrupt the elections.

Mr. Jonathan admitted that the strength of Nigeria’s military was not commensurate with its position as Africa’s largest economy, adding that his government is determined to look inwards for arms procurement.



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  1. Lately, the tactical assault in the insurgent ravaged areas seem to be yielding results, with a considerable amount of hundreds of Islamists drowning in Lake Chad in a bid to escape.

  2. Surely we won’t forget what they’ve done to us in a hurry. But were ever our army can’t reach in this fight Jehovah will scratch them off the face of this earth with mere dust. IJN Amen!.

  3. God Bless you my brother. And i also join faith with you as a christian in this prayer. All those sponsoring the activities of BH, whether within or outside this country shall be exposed with a slap from Jehovah el-shaddai. They shall all confess at their death bed. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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