When The Fake Bae Thinks He Is The Real Bae (What To Do)

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have a guy who won’t take no for an answer. No matter the tricks and tactics you’ve employed, he keeps coming back to you for reasons you can’t even comprehend. By force, this nigga wants to be your boyfriend. In a bid to get rid of him, you decided to say yes to him to be his “ghost girlfriend”. You know in the depth of your heart that your yes was another trick to get him off your back. You don’t visit this guy, you rarely reply his messages or pick his calls, yet he is determined to love you and show you to the world. You are on his dp, pm, avi, his wallpaper and what not. When you put up the picture of your real boo or a picture of any other guy, he gets angry and to top it, he is controlling; he tells you what to do, where not to go, what not to wear, who not to play with. Trust me, I know, it is very tiring. You are regretting your decision to say yes to me and you’re confused. Don’t be, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to get him totally off your back (Warning: these things may not be so easy to achieve but trust me, it works)

  1. Tell Him The Truth: the truth may be a bitter pill to swallow, especially for someone who is so into you but that’s the easiest and safest way out. Call him up one day and bare your mind to him. Tell him how you feel about him and about the fake relationship. If he is a sensible guy, he will let you be.
  1. Use the almighty “silence” power: silence can be so deafening when you use it rightly. There’s nothing more annoying than when you know someone is there but they are not responding. Read his messages but don’t reply and don’t stop changing your dps. Don’t pick his calls at all, just keep mute. If you do this for a week or more, he should get the memo that you’re done.
  1. Be as passive as possible: if you can’t play the silence game, be the non-chalant girlfriend that does not care about her boyfriend’s feelings. He tells you something, act uninterested. If he asks for your opinion, tell him to do whatever he wants. I’m sure he will figure out you’re not interested in his progress which will make him think deep about the relationship.
  1. Be annoying yourself: complain over and over about the very little things that should have been overlooked. If he uses a girl’s dp on her birthday, make a fuss about it but don’t stop putting up pictures of different guys. There’s nothing more annoying than a girl who wants you to change yet does the same thing, complains a lot and not bothered about how you feel.
  1. Demand the ridiculous: this kind of guy obviously is ready to go all the way for you, so come up with ridiculous demands especially after he just told you he is broke. Call him only when you need things from him. Don’t be subtle at all. But be careful so he doesn’t trap you with those gifts
  1. Go spritual: if all that does not work, pray it out. There’s nothing God can’t do. With prayers, this guy may just stop talk to you miraculously.

It is best, though, to approach him with the truth.. The truth will set you free.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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