Feminine Tattoos And Their Meanings

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It is no lie that women seem to be more free spirited in this generation of ours. A lot of women have let go of all the conservative barriers and do what they deem suitable. It is estimated that 45% more women have Tattoos inked on which has further laid credence to their “new found” spirited life.

However, if you’re a lady and you are considering getting a Tattoo, it is expedient for you to know the meanings behind the tattoos you want to ink on. There are various symbols and designs that are popular but which may send out the wrong meanings especially if you put in mind the fact that you may have such Tattoos on for eternity. Most Tattoos are permanent and if you’re not sure you want to have a particular symbol on, it’s better to let it go since four to five decades later, your kids and grand kids might ask pertinent questions on the meaning of the symbol you have on.

Also, you yourself might look at your Tattoo years from now and ask yourself why did you get the Tattoo inked on in the first place and perhaps asking yourself why you didn’t have the sense to choose something that is at least more meaningful. For this reason, we have decided to guide you in your decision to get a Tattoo by highlighting the meanings behind the common Tattoos women ink.

Butterfly tattoos
The Butterfly Tattoo is a very common design among the womenfolk. This fact maybe attributed to the femininity the design comes with and the fact that they are pretty. The Butterfly symbolises freedom and the desire of the wearer to be free. They may also indicate beauty. This design comes in various colours and shapes which is perhaps due to their beautiful nature.

Star tattoos
This design seems to be loved by both sexes which might be attributed to its symbolism. The star sign represents the truth and hope of the wearer. This sign also has various religious connotations. When drawn in space, it indicates the light of the individual in a tunnel of endless darkness. When drawn at a fixed point, it means the wearer believes she has and will overcome various odds that come her way. In addition, the sign is beautiful which perhaps is part of the reason why it is well loved by people.

The Sun
This Tattoos has been found to exist thousands of years back in some Egyptian mummies. The sun is known as a a source of life and may also be used to indicate fertility and a rebirth. More so, this sign may also portray strength, endurance and the start of a new life. Thus, if you are looking to have a fresh start, this sign might be a good idea for you.

Rose tattoos
The rose symbol is also another common type of Tattoo females love to ink on. They come in different colours and sizes with black and white being the predominant colours. They are simple and may indicate love, passion and strength. It is also a symbol of internal and external beauty even as the white Rose symbolize innocence, black rose indicates loss of a dear one and the Red Rose portraying passion.

Music notes
This is a sign music artists and lovers of music like to ink on. It usually portrays the passion and love for music. They may also indicate the way listening to music makes us feel.

Anchor Tattoo
This is one of the oldest symbols people love to ink on. This symbol was initially popular with sailors and sea pirates but went out of fashion with time. But they are back with a bang now with newer innovative and colourful designs. They indicate solid foundations and stability and in rare cases may mean a lover. Wearers of this Tattoos have said it serves as a reminder for them to stay grounded and stick with their lovers through thick and thin.

Heart Tattoo
Who doesn’t know what this sign means? It is an expression of love and how we feel about someone or something. Most times, they come with the name of the person or the thing the wearer has passion for or the name of someone lost to the hands of death.

Lastly, it is important to bear in mind that whatever symbol or design you choose is completely your decision even as the symbols may have an entirely different meaning to you. It is however important to know why you want the Tattoo and not to regret inking them on in years to come.




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