Day And Night by John JV Iyoha

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Consider the Exodus, not the movie, the movement. The Israelites were inexplicably delivered from the Egyptian whip. The journey from the Red sea to Canaan(the Promise land) is estimated at eleven days (Deuteronomy 1:2) not forty days, not forty months, yet they spent forty years wandering in the wilderness, all thanks to their severe slackness in listening to their Spiritual authority.

They needed a speed boost, a catalyst. A catalyst by nature is supposed to speed up the process right? So theirs should have been listening coupled with obedience to the will of their God, but they did the reverse, and the supposedly near two weeks journey eventually took four decades. Just horrid.

Life is a journey, there are no quick fixes. Journeys take time and movement, they also take directions. What a catalyst does for you is this; it implements the same change in the same quality in a shorter span of time. I don’t see the downside to this. Speed makes the difference.

They say the patient dog eats the fattest bone, I say bone? What happened to meat? Bones represent crumbs; Dogs represent domestication, ergo limitation.

Patience is clearly a virtue, but not for nothing. So please “the patient dog” adage is clearly not for the ambitious, let me give you something useful- “work while it is day, for night is coming when no man can work”.

Every individual experiences day and night in life. In your ‘day’ everyone sees your potential and value is attracted to you, it’s easier to make it (be successful) at this point of life, but once night comes, the potential, the will you have for success disappears, people see you as redundant. Precedence has shown that most often individuals cause their nights (nadir) to occur.

Let me give you a classic case. Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, in 1974, was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1975 he married a fellow Yale Law graduate, Attorney Hillary Rodham (Hillary Clinton) and I consider this to be his greatest achievement. Years later he was elected attorney general of Arkansas, and in 1978 he won the governorship race in Arkansas, becoming the youngest governor the country had seen in 40 years. I don’t need to tell you he was experiencing the day of his life, and the day got brighter, in 1992 he became President, the sun doesn’t shine brighter than this, fellaz. Then came night, embodied in 24year old Monica Lewinsky, in all truth it was the good President who put cracks on his own wall. Eventually, he was impeached two years before his 2nd term elapsed. However, thanks to his uncommon Wife (Hillary), it’s day again. I consider this woman to be most exceptional; she’s clearly my Woman for decades, and if you don’t know Hillary you clearly need to start watching informative TV.

So my point is, if this is your day, you better be achieving. Some of us experience day once in our lifetimes, and once it’s done, it’s done. In the movie ‘Gangster Squad’, Sean Penn in the character of Los Angeles crime boss, Mickey Cohen said this “manifest destiny- It’s when you take what you can when you can”. Take a look at Soccer Players; they have careers tied to age, so they remain relevant as long as they are young. So for your day to come as soon as possible, for your day to stay, and for your day to achieve maximum result you need to add a catalyst to your life. It could be a well-connected family member or friend, it could be privileged information, it could be your personality, it could be an added educational degree, something that distinguishes you from the pack. Something that sets you out.

Eminem became conspicuous in hip-hop, because he came at a time when only black people were accepted as Emcees. That set him out, and of course he’s outrageously gifted. Being white was his catalyst, being gifted made his way to fame a whole lot easier.

Stand-out, be remarkable, be the cynosure, be noticed, be the example. Life needs you to achieve, so find a catalyst, if you can’t find any, create one. Today, make a change while it’s still day.


By John Jv Iyoha (@JonHelsing)

Young, black and gifted! That’s all…

Wait!  Human by existence, Hiphop by tribe, Optimist by faith, Dope by choice, Illustrious by divine arrangement.

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