How To Rock A Kimono

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Kimonos are totally on trend right now and like everything that is considered cool on the Nigerian fashion scene it is worn irrespective of the season. The best part about the Kimono or long jackets as some people like to call it is the versatility. It can be long, short, patterned, plain and can literally be worn with anything. Here are ways for you to style your kimono.

Pair it with shorts and a tank top2

Pair it with a maxi dress3

Pair it with skinnies and a t-shirt5

Pair it with wide-leg or flare jeans for a seriously boho look with a ’70s vibe.1

Pair it with a jumpsuit/playsuit7

Pair it with a cropped top and mini skirt6

When styling a Kimono, do not be afraid to mix and match. You can break a lot of rules with a kimono for instance the print and stripe rule4

There are several more ways to rock kimonos, happy styling!!8

Image, pinterest,, thegenerationnation

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