Wedding Trend Alert! Nigerian Brides, Bridesmaids, Guests & Headpieces

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Weddings can sometimes be an absolute delight to attend-other times not so much, especially when you are from the bride/groom’s family and you are intricately involved in organizing.

At weddings, I usually look  forward to the couple’s first dance. The only other part of weddings, which excites me more than the first dance and the small chops :-D, is when the bridal train and bride walk down the aisle.

I always look forward to seeing the bridesmaids and bride’s dresses. Today, I am not here to bore you with what I  love and don’t love about weddings I will be discussing a trend Nigerian brides, bridesmaids and even their guests all over the world have picked up on.-The headpiece-

I think this became a fad back in 2013 after Kim’s second marriage to Kris Humphries, I am not saying no one ever wore headpieces at their weddings but it became very popular after Kim did it.Kim Kardashian

Not only did brides all over the world start adopting headpieces into their wedding ensembles but they also started including it in their bridesmaid’s ensembles.

Now, Kim’s headpiece was a Audrey Hepburn inspired 65  carat diamond encrusted one which cost approximately 498 million naira(2.5 million dollars) and some other brides have gone as far as getting diamond encrusted tiaras/crowns for themselves but it doesn’t have to be so luxurious to be a head piece.

Estimate is according to People Magazine
Estimate is according to People Magazine

You could do a simple corsage (flowers stringed in) or you could do simple vintage headpieces-usually common amongst bridesmaids-, Hair fascinators, tiaras,you could also combine your headpiece with your veil


7 15

Hair Fascinators








Genevieve Nnaji

Bridal headbands



Style Star_Larisa Ejutemieden_08__360nobs



So, are you a bride to be? Get in on the headpiece trend and keep your wedding stylish.

Image Credit: The Nigerian Wedding(Facebook), Bridal gallery(Facebook)

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