7 Things We Can’t Help But Judge Other Guys For

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It is very common to hear people say “it is wrong to judge” which is actually true given the fact that everyone has done a whole lot of crap that deserves judgement. It also buttresses the fact that we are humans and are prone to making mistakes. However, despite that a lot of people know these words and try to live by it, they still get to judge people more often than they should (myself inclusive).
Sometimes however, the people that we judge actually deserve the criticisms while at other times, our judgement of them reeks of hypocrisy and bias to certain things they do. For this reason, we present to you 7 of the most common things we judge other men for.

Having thick afro hair
It is common to criticise people for leaving their hair thick and unkempt. This criticism might be justified except you’re a famous musician when it is acceptable as one of the props of the entertainment world. It’s worse off If you’ve crossed the 30 year mark and you leave the afro unkempt. However, it could be that guys like us are jealous of you given the fact that you’re strong enough not to conform to the societal demands of short hair in an office job.

Choice of alcohol they drink
We definitely do judge people for the alcoholic drink they take. In this clime of the world, men that take Gins and Vodka are seen as wild and a bit over the edge. The beer guys are friendly and approachable. If you are a fan of locally brewed alcoholic drinks such as Burukutu and Sapele Water, you’d definitely enter our black book as the over the edge type.

Wasting hours or days at a time playing video games
Well, I’m not a big fan of video games despite the fact that I have an X-Box 360 that I almost never get to use. We definitely look at you as the unserious type if you spend hours and days at a stretch playing video games. For God’s sake, don’t you have a job or some other things to do?

Getting married young
This might sound foolhardy but a lot of us have a knee-jerk reaction when we find out that a very young guy in his early 20s gets married. The first thought that comes to mind is you are just 20 and you already want to commit your life to someone when there are lots of women yet to be explored. It’s completely unfounded, but my knee-jerk reaction is to think that these guys are genuinely idiotic. You’re only 20, and want to commit the rest of your life to someone? Some of us believe that there are still experiences to be gained and perhaps you are one of the reasons while there is a high divorce rate in the world. However, it might just be we are judging you because we are jealous and have insecurities about ourselves as some of the best marriages started in their 20s. Think! And yet, some of the greatest marriages I’ve ever witnessed are between people who committed in their early 20s.

Bragging about the things they have
While it is nice to have nice cars, houses, clothes and what have you, we don’t need to be constantly reminded of the fact. It becomes disgusting when you continually tell everyone all the things you possess even though you worked hard for it and are seemingly proud of your accomplishments.

Having stupid tattoos
You might think having tattoos makes you a badass but in actual fact, it makes you a stupid ass. We judge you for all the crazy inscriptions you ink on your body even as we have resentment and distrust for your kind of person. Announcing to the world through social media only makes our resentment of you grow as it shows you are out to impress people not just for yourself. It is however your body and you can do whatever you like with it but we’d still judge you for it.

Sharing too many details of their life on the internet
You are ultimately the problem of this generation if you share details of your life on the internet regularly. Social media espouses self serving narcissism and we will judge you for not being able to keep your private issues private. Privacy is the most invaluable thing of the modern world and your ability to keep yours will gain you respect.

Well, we all are guilty of the details in this article – myself inclusive and as such we all get to be judged by others. My name is Sheriff and I am part of the problem.



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