#Guys Only: 7 Rules To Follow Not To Get Screwed In Life

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Life is full of complexities and that is what makes it interesting as well as frustrating. As men, we feel more of the brunt as we are saddled with a heap of responsibilities and very little privileges. A lot of things happen in our everyday lives that are bound to mess us up and get us screwed but it is important to hold your head up high and do all you can to stay strong.

Well, a lot has been said about the things you need to do to avoid being screwed up in life and most have been repeated maxims which everyone keeps saying even as they still go ahead to accept the event and participate thereof. For this reason, I’d turn it up a bit and bring up 7 serious things that every guy should know if they don’t want to get screwed up.

People are stupid
This is one of the most interesting complexities of the human race. In as much as a lot of things have been achieved by humans due to our strength and beauty, our vulnerabilities and terrifying attitude is a pointer to how stupid some of us can be. Always have it in mind that no matter how intelligent any one person maybe, they will still have their moments of stupidity. Whether you’re the richest or the smartest man on earth, a time will come when you will be blinded to logic and the innate moron would be let out to the surface. And hey, it happens to all of us including me and whenever it happens, just think of it as the first rule to avoid being screwed.

Every rule has an exception.
Well, every rule does have an exception including this one. The only exception is that people are stupid. If you don’t want to get screwed, take every other rule with a pinch of salt except number one.

Every man is allowed one vice
Well, a lot of people might not agree with this because of the fact that they think it’s a stereotype. I believe having more than one vice creates complications. If you smoke, don’t drink, if you drink, then you shouldn’t be a gambler and if you enjoy gambling kindly stay off womanising. In truth, a lot of vices actually go hand in hand and if you must, find a perfect combination else you’re screwed.

Never allow your dick get the best of you
If you are the type that thinks with your dick, then you’ve got a life of “screw ups” ahead. The truth is your life will be screwed in both the literal and figurative sense.

Money makes the world go round
Bear in mind that money is not the root of all evil just as it doesn’t make everything perfect but a lack of it makes everything rotten and spoilt. Strive for it but make sure you’re happy and enjoying it while you do.

Always hold something back
It is important that you do not lay open to the world all your dreams, plans and aspirations. Doing this helps you build a mysterious personae. The fact that you’re smart and intelligent doesn’t mean you have to put everything out in the open but hold something back so that when you make a move, it will be least expected and will guarantee you success.

Value independence over comfort
For you to put more value on independence over self control, a lot of self control and deprivation is needed. As such, you need to be able to deny yourself comfort. Strive if you can to live below your means as nicer frivolities such as an expensive car, posher lifestyle and what have you are bound to keep you indebted as opposed to independent.



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