Thank Me Later!! How To Prevent Your Jewellery From Turning Green

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If you do not wear strictly high end jewellery-Chris Aire, Lorraine Schwartz, et al- there is a high chance you have had your jewellery, most especially bracelets and rings turn green at some point.


This can be pretty annoying, as you are not Beyonce and definitely do not make the kind of money Mayweather does.  Thankfully, you have me, say bye bye to your green jewellery problems and flush your annoyance down the toilet as there is a solution.

Nail polish

Simply apply one or two coats of clear nail polish on the area of your jewellery that comes in contact with your skin.

What this does is that it prevents your skin and the metal the jewellery is made of from coming in contact, thereby preventing the metal from oxidizing or any chemical reaction from taking place. The green colour your jewellery turns is as a result of the oxidation process that occurs when the metal the jewellery is made from comes in contact with your skin.


You are welcome.

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