10 Things Men Need To Stop Doing While Dating (2)

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In part one of the 10 things men need to stop doing while dating, we talked about some of the nasty things men do and expect from their partners. These things include pretending you’re into someone just to get her laid, bullying people into messaging them back on social media, making up excuses for not calling and what have you. The other important things that are necessary for every man to let go off if they hope to have a fulfilling and fun filled relationship are:

Expecting other people to be perfect.

A whole lot of guys have a skewed perception of what their partners are like. They think of their partners as magical creatures who can exercise some form of change in them. Well, your partner doesn’t have a magic wand to wish away your problems. They’re humans who poop, fart and cry like you just as they also break down under the weight of emotional baggage. Your partners feel all the same things you do and as such aren’t perfect. Categorising them as crazy for doing something you don’t like is not a good thing. They will expect you to be on time just as you expect them to be. Same goes for you listening to them and sharing the not too good parts of their lives and staying put instead of bailing on them when trouble comes.

Only giving compliments based on looks.

I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t like being told they look handsome or beautiful. There’s no one in the world that has a perfect self-esteem and as humans, we all love when someone takes note of our physical appearance and innate beauty. However, it is nice to compliment your woman for things other than her physical appearance. It would be good to compliment her for always looking presentable and being a healthy and completely functional person. They would really appreciate that.

Blaming  their partner for all of the problems in their relationship.

People do this a lot in relationships and guys seem to be more of the culprits than the female folk. Some guys see every single one of their exes as nothing more that heartless people who broke their hearts instead of seeing them as human Guys have a Taylor Swift problem: Every one of their exes is the bitch that broke their heart, instead of a flawed human being that it didn’t work out with. We all have those previous partners with whom you wouldn’t want to be in the same room ever again, but if all of your exes are the problem, if you notice a particular pattern in your relationships and if you’re completely unable to take responsibility for your share in that, they might not be the problem. You may be the problem.

Using dates to vent about their previous relationships.

Oftentimes, exes would come up on a date as a lot of people will find themselves telling stories about the people that hurt and love them in their pasts which make the people we’ve dated a part of our lives. This alone would bring up a lot of unpalatable memories. However, the truth is no one wants to details of your sordid past during dates especially if it is the first one. It is best to leave any admission of your past till after enough trust has been built and you both know you can confide in each other. A date offers an opportunity for another and as such, you should make it an opportunity to make it about the person you’re with and not the person you’ve been with.

Spending the entire date on your phone.

It is annoying to say the least to spend ample time which you should use to get to know her, aimlessly going through your phone which you have all the time in the world to give attention to. How in the world can you get to know someone when you’re surfing social media sites? You just can’t. Your intended partner doesn’t live in your phone, they’re right in front of you to talk to.

Disappearing and then reappearing like it was nothing.

Leaving someone you claim to like for weeks on end and surfacing all of a sudden because you have the urge for sex or financial rewards has to be one of the biggest emotional crimes. Seeing nothing wrong with the situation is an even bigger crime and it is pertinent all men know that it is unrealistically juvenile not to keep in contact. It is important one is accountable to ones failings and know how your negative actions influence other people. Being a good person isn’t hard, but it starts by thinking about people other than yourself. This is what being matured means.




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