15 Things Our Girlfriends Should Never Tell Us For The Good Of Our Relationship (2)

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In the first part of 15 things our girlfriends shouldn’t tell us, we highlighted some salient things including what ladies think about our exes, how awesome their friends are in bed and how much they dislike a part of their body. The second part of this three part series will look at some other important things we men would rather not hear from our girlfriends, so that we can have a fruitful and loving relationship.

That you hate any of your exes

Irrespective of what crimes your exes may have committed, whether he humiliated you or broke your heart, it is best you keep your vindictive plans away from your boyfriend’s hearing. Your ex may have hurt you awfully and you have some set plans in your mind to get back at him which may include destroying some of his possessions or doing things that will cause him as much pain as you felt. Kindly keep those plans to yourself as irrespective of how bad things went with your exes, it’s never a good idea to let your partner in on how much you hate them. Your partner would most likely see the hate you feel for your exes as an indication of how passionate and intense your emotions can linger. In truth, hate may not be the direct opposite of love. Indifference seems more likely.

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That you’re browsing a ridiculously expensive store for fun

Oftentimes, your boyfriend would have called you to ask what you’re up to and if you ever do tell him you’re surfing internet stores that happen to have ridiculously expensive items, you just might be brewing trouble. You might see it as fun gawking at items worth thousands but he sees the hole such habits will drill in his pocket. It is perhaps wise to give a vague reply such as “I’m up to nothing” or “I’m at a store” which is way better than saying “I’m at Christian Dior” or “I’m surfi the net for some channel bags”. These sort of replies doesn’t set off an alarm in his head that you’re high maintenance.

That you understand what his mom sees (or saw) in his dad

This statement has a whole lot of hidden meanings. For instance, he could cringe at the thought of you saying this by imagining his parents making out or if he’s imagination is more weird, he might have a terrible image of you getting it on with his dad. As such, commenting on how attractive or sexual you find your boyfriend’s father to be could whip up some crazy image of some impossible sexual make out. It’s true that your intentions are noble and may be appreciated, but commenting on the physical and sexual similarities between your boyfriend and his dad may trigger thoughts that may do more harm than good.

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That you have some cash stashed away

It’s a good idea to have some amount of money stashed away just because some emergency situation might arise. It is nice to have something like a piggy bank where some form of cash can be easily gotten whenever the need arises to serve as a financial cushion which will help provide you with comfort whenever you get into a fight with your boyfriend. The point of such funds is for only you to know it exists and the moment your secret is out, the value of such funds decreases added to the fact that suspicions will begin to arise once the secret is out.

That you’re a flirt at work

Truth is almost everyone has double standards regarding acceptable sexual standards and issues affecting women and men. Men are mostly celebrated for indecent behaviour especially if they do so in the course of providing for their families. On the other hand, women are mostly demonised for acting flirty or using their sexuality as a tool for advancement at work. So, if you think you have a right to flirt as a means of advancing at work, it’s best you keep this away from your boyfriend. Truth is you and your boyfriend would benefit nothing by talking about this.


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