5 Awesome Places To “Do It” In The Office

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Office sex is a great way to brink back the youthful spark in your sex life. Thinking of trying it out today and thinking where you can do it, these are some of the awesome places you can have sex in the office.

          The Swivel Chair In Your office:

A swivel chair is comfortable and a great place to have sex as it has the ability to twist, turn and lean back. Just allow your imagination run wild and sexperiment as you want.

Tip: allow your man lean in the chair and straddle him. You can hold the arms of the chair while in a bending position. Then, let your man take the rear.

          Conference Room:

If you’re in the mood to be adventurously naughty, you can take it to the conference room (only when you’re sure there won’t be meetings, you don’t want people bumping in on you). There will be a large conference table, of course, so use that to your advantage.

Tip: there are millions of styles you can try on a large conference table. Don’t let the fear of being caught hold you back, get creative. Just see the table as your bed. Be careful not to get too carried away though.

          The Bathroom:

This may sound cliché but hey, the bathroom is always a great place to have sex in the office and you don’t have to worry about security cameras. It’s a dirty place to do the dirtiest things.

Tip: you can put the toilet lid and have your man sit on it and then you straddle him. You can have him carry you while he leans on a wall (that is if has the stamina to do so). You can also hold the sink for support and have him come from behind.


          The Elevator:

This is the perfect place for a quickie. Sure, it is risky but so much fun and you always have something to reminisce about every time you are going to or leaving your office. If you don’t have elevator in your office, you can make do with a deserted stairway; also a great place for a quickie.

Tip: I know spontaneous sex is supposed to be unplanned but it will fantastic to have easy to lift dress/skirt on if you’re thinking of the elevator and maybe no pants on because you don’t want to be caught with your pants down.


          The Parking Lot:

This is not inside the office but it is still the office. It is also a way to have sex in the office without worrying about being caught on camera.  Morning, evening, front seat or back seat, you’re always good to go.

Tip: easy to lift dress or skirt is advisable to wear so you don’t have to deal with pulling down your tight pants or too tight skirts. The plan is to have fun without being caught so you don’t want to waste time with getting your clothes off. There are no limits to what you can try in the car.

Just get creative with your partner and be willing to try out the new things to help rejuvenate your sex life. Office sex is not advisable because of the many risks involved especially being caught on security camera but it is fun and very exciting. If you have the balls, go for it.

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