5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Misogynist

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Misogynist abound and are much more common than we all think. Misogynist are men that believe that men are overall better than all women. Men that fall in this category believe that women are not equal with men and both genders should not be placed in the same pedestal.

Misogynist treat women poorly mostly because they believe that they are above women in every way possible. Dating a misogynist comes with a load of problems including the fact that it’s neither healthy or fun if you’re the woman in the relationship. It is quite important you put an end to the relationship as soon as possible if you intend to retain your sanity. Check out these unmistakable 5 Signs that you are in a relationship with a misogynist.

He blames and faults you for things you have nothing to do with
Misogynist will blame women for all the problems in the world even the ones that have not even the closest of relation with them. They single out women in general and their partners especially for things that are not their fault. Take for example your boyfriend has a craving for ice cream which you never knew about, he will still put the blame on you for for the simple fact that he expects you to know and you did not get him any. If he acts in a bad manner to you or people around him, he will put the blame on you for making him act that way even when the two actions are not relatable in any way. You may even find them making up things that don’t exist in order for them to extricate themselves from bearing responsibility for their actions. Misogynist wherever they are in the world would blame the economic downturn on the way women dress or that every woman is responsible for making their partners cheat on them.

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He frequently uses quotes and the Bible to back him up
Men that are misogynists are very wise and sneaky. They will look for wise sayings, quotes and religious sayings that give a backing to the things they believe in regarding men and women. They would mostly go ahead to share their thoughts regarding issues that place you beneath them so as to prove to you how wrong you are and how right they are. And despite your ability to come up with opposite quotes that give credence to you and the female gender, he still thinks he is right. Such men are mostly convinced that they are right because a whole lot of their comrades agree with them. These men will constantly remind you of these quotes especially if they come from the bible. They will make you feel guilty for going against what the word of God says.

He ridicules you for getting upset if you cry or become sad
Misogynist would mostly berate you for getting hurt over something he or someone else did that hurt your feelings. Such men would tell you how sensitive you are and how you shouldn’t get upset over every little thing. If they call you some form of unpalatable name and you’re so hurt that you cry, they will tell you they were just joking and you need not take it to heart. They never seem to understand why you’re sad or emotionally drained even though it is obvious to all and sundry why you’re upset.

He makes vulgar comments about women
Misogynists have no problem whatsoever saying vulgar things about other women in front of their partners. If you find out that your partner is fond of making derogatory and perverted comments about what other women look like and they look at you in hope that you’d agree with them, then you’re probably with a misogynist. Such men would openly talk about the terrible things they’d like to do to other women and would be surprised if you’re offended with what they say. Misogynists view women as objects to be looked at and used. They think that women should be accepting of the kind of person they are instead of taking offence with it. No matter how upset you may get by their comments, they won’t make an effort to stop making them.

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He’s very sensitive about himself
Misogynists are usually not sensitive about the feelings of their partners and people around them but are highly sensitive about their own feelings. When you do something that upsets such people, they will get very angry and make you feel very guilty. The irony of it is that he’d even get very upset if you do exactly the same thing that got him upset. This is so because such people don’t see their partners as equals. While it’s not a bad thing to put your partners happiness and make him feel good in whatever way you can, misogynists won’t show the same level of respect for you. They are mostly adamant about why you need to treat them better just as they would scare you that they would leave when in actual fact they just want to bamboozle you to do things their way.

If you’re in a relationship with a misogynist, it’s important that you have it at the back of your mind that chances are they will never change. Standing up for yourself or making threats will not change who he is. If you find out that they won’t change, the smartest thing to do might be to walk away.



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