9 Signs Your Crush Has Friendzoned You

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Crushing on someone is an inexplicable part of growing up and it even forms a part of our lives for eternity.

Everyone has at one time or the other had a crush on someone ranging from politicians to celebrities and normal everyday people. A lot of factors determine why we crush on people ranging from their physical attributes, beauty, intelligence, confidence, humour and what have you. We can relate to the things that attract us to them through several ways. These things make us want them and crave for them.

You might have gotten to that stage where you’re crushing so much on that person and you don’t know if they want you back. This is even more painful if your crush happens to be your friend and you can’t really say if they would like you back or perhaps despite how much you try, you have that unexplainable feeling of something missing. This may be because despite how much effort you make in showing them how much you like them, they don’t seem to show any form of response or hint that indicates they want anything other than friendship from you.
Chances are you’d feel you’ve never worked so hard to get someone all your life and yet there’s that tiny tweeny bit of feeling that makes you know that that person has put you in the friend zone. Well, if you find yourself in this scenario, you’ve probably been friendzoned but for you to be doubly sure, read through the unmistakable 9 signs that show that that person you’re crushing on wants you in the friendzone.

Short responses
If you find yourself sending them a text message or calling them and they take so long to reply or reply with very short responses or they never get to reply, then chances are you’ve been friendzoned. If someone is really into you, they’d put in a certain amount of effort to ensure that the conversation between the both of you is sustained. Truth is some of us are not that good when it comes to texting or returning calls but it is a critical sign of ‘friend zoning’ when a person gives short monosyllabic responses during conversations.

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No set plans
Finding yourself in a situation where you try to make plans and the other party only mumbles a simple “maybe” or “I don’t know” to everything you say, then they are probably not into you. If you also find them saying “let me see what else I have first”, then they definitely don’t feel the way you feel. Anyone that likes you will strive to make plans to be with you while also making effort to stick to those plans.

Your flirts don’t work
You might have found yourself trying all the tricks you know of to get them to recognise you. As a lady, you could have worn your best clothes and makeup, giggled and smiled at his silly jokes or as a man you could have worked your charm and tried out eye contact and an endless list of jokes but none of these has worked out. If you find out that none of your tricks that was aimed at flirting has worked especially the ones that have crossed the subtle line, then they probably just want you to remain in the friendzone.


No “emotional” conversations
It’s a fact that when you like someone enough to reach the “crush” level, a time will come when you’ve got no choice than to express the way you feel to the person. If you find yourself telling that person how you feel and they just simply shrug it off with a simple “thank you”, then it might be the time to move on. If someone is into you, they will look and feel thrilled to know that you feel the same way about them. They will say it and show it that you’d never have to doubt the way they feel. It’s at times like this you have to make the first move if and only if they reciprocate. If not, you’re a candidate of the friendzone.

They talk about other people
First of all, if you find someone you’re crushing on constantly talking about other people of the opposite sex in their lives, then you might need to take the hint and move on. There’s absolutely no reason why be it a man or woman can’t be monogamous to you only and leave other people of the opposite sex out of the picture. Of course, if you’re not a couple, and you find them talking about other people of the opposite sex, chances are you’ve been friendzoned.

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They’re not touching you
A very common indication and method of flirting is to touch the person you like. Truth is the way and manner you go about touching is different and the touch you give in this situation doesn’t have to be sexual in nature. The touch could be a soft brush or a hand on the arm while you both laugh at a silly jokes.
If someone liked you, they’d strive to exchange body contact and if they refuse or fail to do so, then they just might not be into you. If you find someone you like who has never touched you or made a move to do so, it might be best to leave it in the friend zone.

You go days or weeks without communication
If you find the communication a bit one-sided and they can go a long while without calling, texting or sending you an instant message, you might have to look somewhere else for something more. They will make you wait for long and this wouldn’t really happen with someone who wants you as they will respond to your calls and messages within a reasonable amount of time.

They forget the things you say or do
A lot of the times, the people you’re crushing on have a good memory but you’d find out that when it comes to you, their memories take a back seat. They will oftentimes remember the things you tell them out of politeness and not out of any genuine interest in you. Go find out that the conversations between you aren’t that thrilling because they fail to hang on to every word you say and there’s no indication of any commitment to be a part of your life. It’s because they really don’t care because you’re nothing more than a friend to them.

They never ask to come inside
If you’ve ever invited them to your house and they decline or they only ever walk you to your door and refuse an invitation for a drink inside, you’ve probably been friendzoned. If you’ve both gone out on an outing a couple of times and they’ve never asked you to see the inside of their house then this might be because they have an excellent upbringing or they don’t have that much interest in you. Once they put you in the friendzone, it might be an indication that they won’t try to sleep with you and as such, any idea of sex is the last thing on their minds.

Well, the truth is rejection can drive one crazy because the crush you may have could be attributed to their physical or emotional state. Either ways, it hurts to be rejected or to feel someone you’re really in to has no interest whatsoever in you. Irrespective of what way you want to go about it, if the feeling isn’t there, nothing will bring it. The best thing to do is to move on to the next person no matter how difficult it is.

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