Kim Kardashian Has Found A Cure For Morning Sickness

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Kim Kardashian has been quite vocal about her pregnancy and the changes she is going through the second time as a pregnant woman.

And even though this pregnancy is not like the first one which left her bloated and made her subject of different memes, she is still going through the normal sicknesses associated with pregnancy.

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Kim who revealed that she goes through “morning sickness, day sickness and night sickness” has now revealed that she has found a cure for morning sickness.

The pregnant mother of one took to her instagram to share a photo of her holding a bottle containing the pills that according to her have been tested and are safe for the baby.

Kim also revealed she is partnering with Duchesnay USA to raise awareness about the treatment of morning sickness which she has discovered.

Meanwhile, she was spotted some hours after looking this hot

Kim Kardashian Kim who seems to be into coats a lot these days, finished her look with a long black coat.

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  1. Didn’t know she was a doctor, WOW. Has she discussed this product with her ob/gyn? Is it a safe & recognized medical treatment? Opening herself to some major lawsuits should someone be brainless enough to take her uneducated word.

  2. If you believe and trust this door knob, try it. When your kids are born with flippers for arms, see if she cares. Bet she has never taken it and is only the “spokes model” for a drug that was BANNED 30yrs ago for causing birth defects.

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