Want To Stay Broken hearted? Here Are 3 Sure Ways To Do That

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You can blame yourself for all the wrongs in the world from being too small to being too big or having too much of an opinion, or perhaps you think you’re too loud. It will do you a lot of good to believe these things as they are a sure way to stay heartbroken. But in all of these, you somehow fail to realise how much you are misunderstood by the people around you who think you are much too opinionated or brashy. There are times that it is hard for people to understand or appreciate you and you may as well blame yourself for that.

It’s really quite easy for you to stay heartbroken. Serenade yourself with thinking about what could have been by constantly revisiting the memories and thinking of a future you could have made with someone who cares less about you and was never fully present in your life. Think about one day in which you hope they can finally care and smile at you the way you’ve always wanted.

If at any time in your life someone that’s loving and interesting shows devotion or whenever someone who is genuinely curious comes about what lies within you comes into your life, just go ahead and compare them with your past. Compare two completely different human beings, and associate two dissimilar kinds of love. Truth is just like oil and water, they will not match. You can go ahead and use the fact that they do not match because they are very much different from the person that caused you unimaginable hurt and sadness that you’ve refused to heal from.

Close yourself off
Keep yourself locked up in the house and refuse to go on dates. Make a vow that you will stay indoors and think about all the ways you could have done things right and make that person that left you change their minds about leaving you. If you do decide to go out, go to the mall or restaurant and sit alone. Turn your head down to face your meal or drink, so as to avoid making eye contact with the people around and particularly someone special who thinks that you’re a beautiful person to love and care for. In a different world, perhaps some of these strangers could have been the ones to show you true love and devotion but you simply can’t allow yourself that luxury because you want to stay heartbroken.

Convince Yourself That You Don’t Deserve People’s Love
You can decide to stay brokenhearted telling yourself that you do not deserve the kind of love that is fulfilling. You can tell yourself repeatedly that the past was your only true chance of getting true love and that the memories you had with people from the past are those of the people who are the only ones that know or care about you. Out of over 7 billion people in the world, out of uncountable different borders, out of new horizons and experiences to be lived, and numerous fresh faces, you can go ahead and convince yourself into thinking that there is only one breed of the human specie that will give you happiness.

Believe it when we say there is a whole world of interesting and wonderful things out there waiting for you. People and experiences you are worthy of and a love that has deep rooted foundation and grows to its pinnacle. Believe it when we say the past breaks and changes your heart but that doesn’t kill the potential for love in you nor does it make you a person incapable of feeling love. You need to continually tell yourself this every day and soon enough, your broken heart will heal. Reaffirm this with your life, and you will heal.


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